Friday, May 04, 2007

Coagulated Milk

I saw this dessert some time back and decided to give it a try. Frankly, I never tasted it before and was wondering how does it tasted like. I found the recipe at Leisure Cat and it was fairly easy (I tweak my method a little). The ginger juice is used to coagulate the milk and thus this dessert is smooth, very soft and tasted of ginger (sorta like ginger flavored milk).


8 ounce (220ml) whole milk
1 Tbp. ginger juice
1 tsp. sugar (1 tsp. more for sweeter taste)


1. Prepare ginger juice by zesting the ginger and squeeze out the juice, strained.

2. Microwave the milk for 1 min 25 seconds. Add in sugar and stir to dissolve. Then, take another cup and pour it back and forth for 10 times to let the air in (Indian teh tarik style, but not too high, wondering whether I can omit this step?).

3. Put 1 Tbp. of ginger juice in a bowl, stir well before pouring in the milk from 2. Then, leave it and don't touch the milk for 3 mins. It should be set after that and serve immediately.

Note: Don't let it sit out for too long because the ginger will become too overpowering.


Anonymous said...

Haven't had this for a long time. Thanks for reminding me of this snack! :)

Baking Fiend said...

reminds me of my trip to HK last year... yummilious!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine just taught me this same recipe ... but, her's is alot more complicated. Her style requires doing the "Teh Tarik" for 50 times ... which after hearing that I said to myself ... too much hard work!!! LOL!!!

Your way is much more easier!

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome V. :)

BF, yeah, it's a HK dessert.

Tricia, wow, teh tarik for 50 times!! I would have given up to that recipe. LOL! Even 10 times I have to ask whether I can omit this step...LOL!


Never heard of this dessert... milk with ginger taste? doesn't it taste so weird?

Little Corner of Mine said...

This dessert has to be eaten immediately, then the ginger flavor is subtle. If it left for too long, then the ginger would be too overpowering and became not nice anymore (I made the mistake of leaving it overnight in the fridge).


but... does it taste nice even when it's served very soon after? Or it doesn't necessary to taste good, it is consumed for the better health?

Little Corner of Mine said...

I think it depends on individual because it certainly doesn't taste bad. It's very smooth and silky and go down easily on the mouth. As for me, I won't make it again because it's not my cup of tea. :P

Anonymous said...

i tried to make this..but for some reason, the milk did not coagulate. do you have any idea why? could it be that i used 2% milk instead of whole milk? thank you!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hmmm...Anon, sorry to read that but I really have no idea why your milk did not coagulate. It shouldn't be the milk, whole milk just to make it richer.

You sure you used enough ginger juice and did the tek tarik style 10 times? If yes, then I really have no idea why. I did it 3 times and all 3 times my milk coagulated, so I don't know. Sorry of no help here. :(

Anonymous said...

hi...can use soya bean milk instead of milk???

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sorry Anon, I have no idea. Perhaps you can experiment with a bowl and see what happen?