Monday, June 19, 2006

Meme: 10 Things I Miss of Mum's Cooking

I got tagged by Angie to do this meme. Seriously, I couldn't think of 10 things that I missed most. My cooking skill has long surpassed my mom and she couldn't bake at all. Still, I remembered her simple homecook meals when we were still at school. Mostly the dishes that I missed most are those that I couldn't make it here because we couldn't get the ingredients.

1. Turmeric Fish ~ I missed her turmeric fish. I couldn't get the fresh kembong fish here (I think that's the small fish called), and thus never attempted to make this dish here. I like the way she made hers, very fragrant and good.

2. Pork Kidney in Ginger Mee Sua Soup ~ Really missed this dish, mee sua in a little spicy fragrant soup with pork kidney, yum. As the new generation, I don't even know how to clean the kidney, what worst couldn't even buy it here. Always love to eat pork kidney, but haven't had it for years already.

3. Four Angle Bean Veggie in Sambal Belacan ~ Guess you probably know why I missed this dish by now. Hahaha.... Yup, couldn't get four angle beans here, one of my favorite veggies, thus can only dream about it.

4. Ngor Hiang in Pork Fat Skin ~ My mom used to make this when we were small. As last time people were not that health concious. What can I say, pork fat with five spice ground pork, the result is always delicious. Not sure whether you can still buy pork fat skin these days, or it already been substituted with dried beancurd sheet?

5. Reunion Dinner Steamboat ~ I missed my mom steamboat as I missed the joy of eating steamboat together with my family. She always prepared roasted chicken and mung quan char (stir-fry jicama) with lettuce wrap along with the steamboat and her homemade chilli sauce which I love. The feeling I felt on the table will be in my memory forever.

Sad to say, my mom hardly cook these days. As we left for college, she went back to work with my dad. Thus, after a day at work, it's hard to find the energy to cook, so she normally "to go" a few dishes and add a dish or two for the family members who are still at home.

Now, I would like to pass the "baton" to Lin (Sinfully Yours) and tt (Playing with My Food).


Anonymous said...

Hi Ching! I will try to do this meme as soon as I can :)

Tazz said...

Ching, I wondered whether the Pork Fat Skin is the same as what my mum used to mention "Tu Bang You"( Pig Net Oil?). When I was in my teens, I remember she already lamented the fact that she couldn't find that to make her favourite pork or prawn rolls. :(

Unknown said...


Thanks for completing the Meme :). I was talking to Gina two days back, she mentioned that in Singapore, to get pork fat skin will have to order specially from the butcher, prob that's why most pple use beancurd skin..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Lin! :)

Yup that was it! Quite scary looking thing, but when you deep-fried it, sooo good.

No problem on the meme. :)
I see, no wonder my mom no longer make those. For health reason too for sure. Thanks for the info!

Alicia said...

Hey I love the 4 angled beans too!!!! They are simply delicious!! Never had it before till my recent trip to Thailand and they eat them raw there with some fantastic tamarind dip!! Soooooooo gooooddddd!!! Now I can't eat them coz they don't have it here!! :( Wonder if I could plant them???

Little Corner of Mine said...

As for planting them here, I'm clueless!! Not a gardener and don't have a veggie garden, really not good with live plants.

The weather here is a no go I think, but Texas is another story. You can try, but where to get the seeds??

Alicia said...

Yah...getting the seeds is another problem...maybe can try at some asian grocery stores for the packet seeds (if they have). I guess I never look for them..
Recently been trying to grow some asian far I'm trying my luck with lemongrass and laksa leaves, my kaffir lime not so lucky, infested by CATEPILLARS!!! YICKS!

Flower said...

Your mum is more or less like my mum. Not a good cook. But somehow, some of her dishes, make me want more... Maybe because it was made with love.