Monday, May 08, 2006

Phat Thai

I made Phat Thai noodle yesterday. It's a popular Thai stir-fry noodle dish which probably is available in most Thai restaurants. I didn't have bean sprouts and substitituted it with Chai Hsin (haha) and added some pork and chicken breast meats as well.

This is a recipe taught by my friend, Peng in her cooking class last time. I doubled the recipe and cut down on the sauces and the result was a yummy Phat Thai dish.

Too bad my girl seem unable to eat this noodle because of the added ground peanuts. She has allergy towards peanut butter and peanuts (sometimes) which was shocking to us because none of us have it. Later I read that pregnant mom should avoid peanut butter because the baby might have an allergy reaction towards peanut later on. See, while I was pregnant with her, I read that peanut butter was good for pregnant mom and thus I had it everyday throughout my pregnancy. Therefore, this must be the culprit of Evy having the peanut allergy (not the severe type but bad enough for her to have rashes and itches all over her face and throat and red swallon lips).

I will experiment with this baby. I hardly eaten any peanut butter with this pregnancy thus far and will test the baby after the one year birthday with some peanut butter and see what happen. If this baby really doesn't have an allergy reaction, then peanut butter really is the cause.

Oh yeah, I finally felt the baby moves! :) Sometimes it felt like a little fish swimming inside, other times it felt like some light punches or kicks. Pretty cool and definitely put my mind at ease. :)


Unknown said...

Ching, delish phat thai! Oh dear, little Evy is allergic to peanuts. But lucky you've identified the 'culprit' as peanuts, then can avoid it when possible.

Tazz said...

Allergic to peanuts? Poor thing.

rokh said...

recipe recipe!

Anonymous said...

Ching, your phat thai looks super delicious. I'm drooling.. I love Kueh teow.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Angie & Tazz. Yeah I'm avoiding peanut butter with this pregnancy. :)

Rokh, sorry this is not my recipe to share. Furthermore, she might still use this for her cooking class.

Thanks jc, it's indeed delicious. :)

FooDcrazEE said...

an approximate recipe ? phad thai is kinda lot of recipe. we want ur version

jadepearl said...

Poor DD! *hugs* I guess "moderation" is the key during PG!
Wah, your Phat Thai is delicious!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Mike, sorry lah, I don't have my own version. I don't know how to create my own Phat Thai sauce yet.

Thanks JP, yup! everything in moderation.

Anonymous said...


It is good that you know the peanut is the culprit but it is not only caused allergy it also caused internal infection if the little one didn't chew and swollow properly and go to the wrong channel. It was told by my FIL (who was a GP) and he told me he had seen a lot of cases during his practised so he actually told me not to give any nuts to my two little boys.

Evelyn (still in Mexico)