Sunday, May 14, 2006

Last Minute Dinner

Why last minute dinner you asked? Because I had no plan to cook dinner at all, was planning to go out and eat. However, my hubby got other plan in mind. He was in the middle of his computer game and asked me to simply whip something out. *Darn!*

Thus, opened my refrigerator and took out what little ingredients I had and cooked this two dishes.

Spicy Thai Fried Rice ( I called this Thai fried rice because I used fish sauce and Thai shrimp paste)

Dressed up IndoMee (haha...this is for my daughter who couldn't take too spicy food)

All in all, a satisfied dinner! The Thai fried rice turned out very good, added red chilli padi to stir-fry and "walau eh", it turned out super spicy. The easy IndoMee also enough flavor, added some salt to it. My hubby cleaned both the plates. :)


Unknown said...

Ching, your 'quickly-whipped-up' dinners also look so appetizing. Never knew IndoMee can be look so good. I'm hungry *lol*

jadepearl said... sedap! No wonder DH clean-up both plates. No too sure about the history of yang chow fried rice. However, the color is often light and slight yellowish.

Tazz said...

Ching, your Thai Fried Rice looks so yummy. I had one sometime ago at Orchard Road. Dunno Thai Sambal or Balachan Fried Rice with Green Mango Salad, sedap! :P

culinary said...

wah, ching, ur brain work fast, watever in the fridge you can simply dishup....admire ur brain power.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks ladies for your kind words. :)

JP, thanks for your explanation of yang chow fried rice.

Jingle, have to lah. Since I have to think of what to cook every weekdays based on what I have in the refrigerator, too lazy to flip through cookbook. :P