Thursday, May 18, 2006

Adabi Beef Rendang

I got a few packets of Adabi rendang paste while in Malaysia last year, however this was the first time I cooked it with beef. I cooked it with chicken other times. Can I say YUMMY! I love this rendang paste and will sure save my last packet for beef.

This is how the packet looks like. I got it at Giant supermarket in M'sia.

This is my finished product, soft tender beef with excellent gravy.

By the way, all the oil you see on top came from the coconut milk. I didn't add any oil to cook the rendang paste. The oil came up when the gravy thicken. Got to say can't eat this too often because I used the whole can of coconut cream!! Cream okay not milk!! *faint* But it was so delicious even my daughter loved it.


Alicia said...

Hey, looks's ok to be decadent once a while besides you can scoop out all the oil if it's just too much...;)

Yah, went back home for a short vacation, pretty much a last minute decision on my husband's part..hehehe....glad to be back

Anonymous said...

hi i bloghopped from angie's site. yours is sure an eye candy! i love all the dishes you prepared, and i'm a avid foodie myself too. except that i don't make much of the savory & main dishes. i see you seldom post the recipes of what you cooked?

do visit my blog if u hv the time =) take care!

bluepaul said...

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FooDcrazEE said...

colour looks good and I'm sure it as good. nice..

jadepearl said...

Wah, so sedap! With regards to the oil, just scoop it off the top. Once awhile, OK lah. As they always say, everything is moderation mah! *wink* Wah, if got nasi kuning or nasi minyak, lagi sedap!!!

How are doing? Going for your US scan soon?

Flower said...

I was just thinking of learning how to cook rendang from scratch and I'm not sure whether we have Adabi Rendang Paste here in Perth or not. You know what, I would have same Adabi nasi impit, and make it feel like hari raya too.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks buzzbuzz! No wonder there was no update on your blog, hope you have some pictures on your trip to post.

Hi Evan, thanks for bloghopping over here. Will sure to visit your blog soon. Since all my homecook dishes are estimation ones, so it's hard to post recipes.

Thanks Mike!

JP, yeah hor eat with nasi kuning, yum.
Hahaha...are you anxious to find out the sex of my baby too. *LOL! wink* Yes, the big ultrasound will be next week! *scary*

Flower, I actually have a packet of Adabi nasi impit in my pantry that I have no idea how to use. Forget that I can eat it with rendang too. I thought it can only be eaten with satay...duh right? :P