Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Basic Bread

I finally bought a bread machine! Tried out one of the recipes provided in the booklet, got to test whether it's working or not. Thus, my first bread machine bread. :)

This is a basic 1.5 lb white bread. It's crusty on the sides and soft inside. I cut off the sides and ate it with olive oil with some spices and it was good. Funny though, why my top is like that huh? I saw others have nice rounded top. Can anyone shed some light into this? Thanks! Will see whether the sides remain crusty tomorrow or turn soft.

So, the crust turned soft the next day, just like normal bread. I added bread improver into the recipe so the bread remains soft.

Need to get me some whole wheat flour and start making whole wheat bread, healthier.


Anonymous said...

So cool to have a bread-maker! Le wanted to get me one also but we've been procrastinating..hehe, perhaps soon :) Btw, I can't find bread improver here, where did you get yours from, Ching?

J said...

Congrat! Now you can relax and watch the machine works.

Anonymous said...

For the honeycomb cake:

Did you make any alterations when making the cake? I've followed tt' version but it comes out flat everytime. Did you do anything different from his recipe? You used a bundt pan, did you have to bake it longer?

Alicia said...

Hehe...I'm looking for a bread machine too...my sis insisted that a bread machine makes life a whole lot easier!! And after seeing your lovely loaf, I'm convinced!! What kind is yours, maybe I can look into that...you've got a great looking loaf.

And the Laksa Lemak, it's the same as Singapore Laksa, sometimes they called it Laksa Lemak coz there's so many different kinds out there. I like the Penang Laksa best but my husband doesn't really like that too much..he says it's a little too sour for his taste!!! LOL!!!

Tazz said...

I wanted to buy the bluesky (?) brand but hubby said too small. He would rather buy the bread everyday than to wait for the machine to churn out one small miserable loaf of bread. *lol* I have bread flour and no bread machine. Dunno what to do with it. :(

jadepearl said...

After I got myself a breadmachine, I just love it so much!!! The smell of bread baking...awesome!!!
Have fun!!! :)
Wonderful if yours can do kaya also?

FooDcrazEE said...

bread making is funner with hand lar. I dunno about breadmaking machine. Never try them but YES the smell or aroma of freshly baked bread is heaven

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lin, I got my bread improver from M'sia. :)

Thanks Jan!

Anonymous, I followed his recipe exactly, the only alteration I made was I used pandan paste and added more sugar (which I put in my notes). And yes, for the bundt pan, I did bake it longer, I used a satay stick to check for doneness, thus forgot how long I baked it for.

Buzzbuzz, I bought Sunbeam 5891 at WalMart for $40. It was on sale for $36 during Christmas but I couldn't get it at that time. :( Anyway, it can make 2 lb and 1.5 lb loaf, it has 12 functions which include basic, French, whole wheat, quick, sweet, ExpressBake 1.5lb (done in 58 mins), ExpressBake 2 lb, Dough, Jam, Cake, Sandwich and Bake. So, it pretty much have what we need in a breadmaker. So, look it out!

Tazz, make bread by hands lor, very easy too and the weather in S'pore provide fast poofing time.

JP, yes I have jam function so can make kaya too. Haha...don't have to stand in front of the stove and stir for hours now.

Foodcrazee, I got it is because it takes forever to proof the bread here when the weather is cold. I got no patient lah. So, now with the dough function, at least the breadmachine will take care of that for me. :P

Unknown said...

Ching, nice loaf of bread there, looks very soft :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Angie. :)

cocoa said...

Finally bought a bread machine from target 2 months back but never get the chance to try out. So last week i decided to giveit a try with the recipe come with the machine. The outcome is quite disappointed actually.. the crust is brown and hard and the bread is dry :( So i am thinking to give it another try from the recipe i found from KC. I bought the bread improver from malaysia too... and wonder how much do you usually add to a 1.5lb loaf?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Cocoa,
Yeah I don't like the bread recipe that comes with the bread machine, the crust is hard and really not to my liking. Can yours set the color of the crust? Mine got light, med & dark so I just set it to light.

You should use the Milk Loaf recipe to make your bread, the bread is soft and tasted way better. Or use the dough function and prove the dough in the loaf pan and bake the bread in the oven.

I used 1 tsp. of bread improver.

Good Luck! I'm going to make myself some whole wheat bread later too.