Sunday, February 26, 2006

Clear Noodle Soup

A hot soupy noodle sounds great in cold weather. It's hard to resist especially with my short-cut version. It's so easy to make and it's delicious too. I served it with my chilli in oil mixed with soy sauce.

Super Easy Soup Base:

2 canned of Swanson chicken broths

2 cups of water

Fish sauce to taste

Drizzle of sesame oil in the end


Chicken breasts, sliced

Do Do Fish balls, cut in half

Do Do Tofu fish cake, cut into three slices

Soften Chinese dried mushroom, sliced

Spinach, washed

Toasted garlic & garlic oil (to garnish on top)

Dried noodle ( I used Jiang Xi Rice Vermicelli)


1. Heat a big pot of water and cook the rice vermicelli, drained and set aside.

2. Prepare the soup base. When boiled, add in the chicken breasts. When the chicken is almost cooked, add in the rest of the ingredients except spinach.

3. Let it boiled, when boiled add in the spinach. Do not overcooked the spinach, dish the spinach out when cooked and set aside.

To Serve:

Place some noodle in the bowl, some spinach on the side and ladle the soup and the rest of the ingredients on top. Garnish with toasted garlic and a little of the garlic oil. Serve with chilli dip of your choice.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have a bowl of hot soupy noodle in cold weather, easy noodle soup you have there, Ching! I can almost imagine the taste of the wonderful soup :)

jadepearl said...

OMG, a hot soupy noodle is the best during cold / raining season. I am sure your whole family had 2nds!!! *wink*
So sedap!!!

Alicia said...

Yummy noodle soup....:) Could I ask you a question in regards of the fish balls used. You mentioned before about the brand you used (I believe that it was "dodo") and I've friends who vouched for them. Anyway, I've been trying to find them, couldn't. Would you be possible to post a pic of that packet of fishballs or a site that I could see it. I can't believe that they don't have it here. I mean, they have a whole aisle of fish balls, cuttle balls, squid balls, prawn balls, lobster balls ( you get the idea) I'm determine to hunt it down. Thanks again....if you can't, that's ok..:)

Tazz said...

I will only eat clear Noodle Soup if I am unwell. :(

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks ladies. :)

Buzzbuzz, picture posted! Good luck in your hunting. It has a few variety in this brand too like fried fish ball, cutterfish ball, etc.

Tazz, I hope you are not feeling unwell, so no clear noodle soup for you.

Alicia said...

thank you thank you!!!!!!!! I'm gonna start my hunt tmr!!!!!!!!! :D