Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dinner Last Night

I bought some fresh wonton mee at my last recent trip to the asian supermarket. So, this was what I made yesterday. I didn't have any pork in the freezer so had to make do with chicken. That's mean no char siew for the mee. What you see are sliced mushroom (which had been soften by simmering for hours previously), baby bok choy, marinated chicken pieces and DoDo fish balls. Served with chilli padi.

Sauce for the noodle:
When the noodle is cooked, drained and put into a big bowl. Then, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, white pepper and a little sesame oil. Mixed well with the noodle. If you want it to be a little wet, add a little water to the noodle.
As for the ingredients, I boiled it in water until cooked and served with the noodle.


Anonymous said...

Yum...drooling over your dried mee especially when I'm hungry right now!

Flower said...

DoDo fish balls are all over the world. I used Dodo fishball in my cooking too here in Perth, W. Australia.

Unknown said...

I can´t bare to look at this dish. I want wantan mee NOW!!!!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Flower, yes, DoDo fish ball is everywhere now. Lucky us who live overseas. :)

Lin & Puspha, :)

Anonymous said...

Can i have the recipe pls...It looks so yummy.....;p

Anonymous said...

what a special ching-ching style wanton mee ^_^ !!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Will type out the recipe later. ;)

Hahaha...yeah, I used what I have in the fridge and refrigerator. Improvise always! :P