Friday, January 20, 2006

Three Faces of Evy

I took some pictures of my little girl few days ago. Often time when I took picture of the food, she also wanted to be in the picture. Thus, the result of these pictures.

Snapping picture of her is not an easy task these days because she won't sit still for me to snap it. She would sit for a little while and then rush over to see her picture through my camera screen. My digital camera often takes its own sweet time to focus, lock and snap, so by the time the camera done all that, she already standing up ready to come over. As a result, I have all sort of weird and blur pictures of her.

1) Her Smiling Face!
2)Her Laughing Silly Face!

3)Her Serious Face!

Anyway, thought I will share the three different looks of my sweetie. They sure are growing up fast.


Tazz said...

I liked to take pictures of my children last time. They were very co-operative and would pose for the camera. *lol*

Fonia said...

Yo... 3 photos with 3 different looks! She's soooo cute and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Wow..Ching...nice 3 poses...anyway, se's growing up fast though from the last pic you took..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Tazz, that's great. Mine won't sit tight to pose for me! :(

Fonia, thanks! :)

Sherreen, really hor.. everyday my hubby will say I think she is getting big again. :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, at least she has alot of poses for you to take, so you get all kinds of expressions from her! Evy is pretty photogenic :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lin, I think she is quite photogenic too, unlike her mommy! *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Ching...take pic of yourself too!~~!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hehehe...Sherreen, nice try! But I don't think so. :P