Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stir-Fry Bean Sprouts

Featuring one of my home cook dishes.


~ Bean sprouts
~ 2-3 cloves garlics, chopped
~ 2-3 Scallion, cut into 2 inches length
~ One small piece of ginger, thinly shredded
~1/4 cup dried anchovies, washed and drained


Salt to taste, 1 tsp. chicken stock granules & 1/3 cup water.


Heat oil in a wok. When hot, add in dried anchovies and ginger, stir-fry until anchovies turned crispy and brown then add in garlic. Stir well and add in the bean sprouts. Give a few good stirs and add the seasonings. Let it simmer a little while and then add scallions in the last few seconds. Stir well and dish out. Serve hot.


Do not overcook the bean sprouts, it shoud be crunchy when you bite into it.


culinary said...

simple and crunchy even its a homecook dish.

Unknown said...

I love stir fried beansprouts, esp with crispy salted fish sprinkled on top :p

hoangtam/tt said...

such a healthy dish!

Tazz said...
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Tazz said...

I love bean sprouts with salted fish but hubby won't let me buy salted fish. :(

Fonia said...

Hmmm... One of my favourite dish!!! Wow... So envy! Yr bean sprouts looks 'Fat'... Those that me got here, vy 'Skinny'... So can't feel the crunchyness! :(

Little Corner of Mine said...

I don't buy salted fish too. :P Thus I used anchovies as substitute. Trust me, it is a good substitute because it's still give out the fishy saltiness but not as salty. I like mine with tau kwa also.

Fonia, try stir-frying for lesser time next time. Don't let it simmer in the stock too long. It should still be crunchy.

Jasmine Riko said...

Yeah, I love it with salted fish and tau kwa too! But don’t know how cook now I know where to find the recipe. Thanks for sharing. ^^

Anonymous said...

Yum, love it with chicken ricde..always such a good combination :)

jadepearl said...

So shoik!!! I love having this dish with chicken curry and hot piping rice...shoik, shoik, shoik!!!

Fonia said...

Ching, Thanks so much for the tips! *Muak*