Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pork Floss

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Pork Floss, my favorite snack as a kid. Love it sandwich in bread or mix in with porridge. My mom used to make it for us. So when I came over here, I just have to ask her for the recipe. She told me how to make it and what sauce to use but not the measurement.

As in all Chinese cooking, estimation is the best to go. I have not seen a Chinese cook using a measuring spoon for all his cooking before, what he does is do a taste test and then season to taste. Cooking is definitely a skill, so practise makes perfect. One needs to cook, the more you cook, the more you know how much sauce to add or what sauce or seasoning to use to create a balance flavor. With these knowledge, it also allow you to create new dishes and new flavor.

Okay, back to topic, as you can see my pork floss is not flossy enough. I might have used the wrong part of the pork (frankly I can't tell what is what, just used whatever pork I have in the fridge) or I didn't fry it long enough, no clue! Anyway, here's the recipe so you might do better than me.


Pork meats, cut into strips (I used about 2 1/2 cups)
Soy sauce
Double black soy sauce
Sweet soy sauce
A dash of salt
4 tsp. Sugar


1. Covered the pork with some water and boiled it. When boiled, dished out the inpurity. Add in (A), lower the heat to low and simmer until the pork is tender (with lid), about 2-3 hours. After that, open the lid and let it simmer until the liquid thicken and almost evaporated. Dished out the pork to cool. And then shred the pork with your fingers.

2. Heat the wok with low fire and pan-fry the pork until dry and flossy. Might take an hour or more. Keep in a container when cool. For this recipe, I only yield about 1 1/2 cups pork floss, not much.

Verdict: I thought it would be hard because it was not flossy but was I wrong. It actually pretty good, much to my surprise and even my daughter loves it. But I still prefer the flossy texture though, now who can enlighten me on how to get that texture? ;) Fry until my hand break or there is a particular part of the pork to use for this? *Help!*


Jasmine Riko said...

*Eyes rolling* few hours of cooking, must be lot of works huh. Looks good to me. Oh love your Braised Pork Belly too.

Edith said...

wow that is alot of work. pei fu pei fu

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Jas! And yeah it's quite a lot of work.

Edith, cannot buy fresh one here, so "bo pen lor" (hokkein).

rokh said...

homemade pork floss! you're so talented

Unknown said...


how come we seem to be making the same things at the same time. I too made bubur cha cha recently and floss just 2 days ago and i made with turkey like i have told you but mine turned out more dust and less shreds. my method is very simple. cook in pressure cooker, open lid and cook until dry. Use the tong to separate into smaller pieces, put in the food mixer using the paddle and it will shred(guessed i should have shred a small amount at a time instead of one go(2 lbs). I cook it in the microwave on high 2 mins at a time until dry. finish process in less than 45 mins.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lily, real short-cut method you have there. Thanks for sharing! :)