Monday, October 17, 2005

Glutinous Rice

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Made this last week using Amy Beh's recipe. I made this using the rice cooker and added too much water and thus the rice was too soft. I usually steamed the rice and the texture was just perfect. I have no idea where I boxed my steamer and thus the used of the rice cooker.


Anonymous said...

may i knw which recipe of Amy Beh's tht used? as i knw she hav more thn 1 recipe for lor mai kai.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi qinqin,
I forgot already. But this is not lor mai kai, it's chut bee pung. This recipe used 5 spice powder, just like making bak chang, but instead of wrapping it in the leave and boil, you just put it in the rice cooker to cook.