Monday, April 14, 2008

Evy Craft and More

She did this all by herself. She found this craft project (I have no idea where) online, printed out the paper, cut it herself, color it, glued the parts together and put stickers at the back so that it will stick to her face. After she finished, she came to me with this elephant mask (according to her) stick to her face. I got a shock actually because she did all these by herself!! I asked her to stick it on her bedroom door to remember her first craft and praised her for a job well done. I do have a creative daughter because she know to use the tape to enable the mask to stick on her face. So little know how to think and solve problem already.

Her drawing and writing.

She presented her daddy with this on Jan, 2008 which her daddy kept on his desk.

She gave me this on Feb 14, 2008 which I put on my desk. I realized that my daughter writes very well at her age. So clear that you really know what she wrote.

Evy showing off some of her works. I will update with some recent drawings of her because it's getting very good, so good that it surprised both her daddy and me, just like she surprised me with the elephant mask.

One way I know that Evy is more advance is on a recent trip to a Toy R Us where they have a booth and gave out papers and crayons for little ones to draw, Evy drew a beautiful flower and color it so prettily while the other kids only knew how to draw lines! Some kids were bigger than her and they drew lines. Her daddy had to ask me,"Did Evy draw this?" I said, "Of course, who else." She surprised her daddy then and there. He couldn't stop praising her and her piece of art.


aiknhoon said...

Wow, that's very impressive. Good job, Evy!!!

Hakka House said...

That's very, very impressive for such a little girl =)

lilyng said...


i think you got a genius there. evy, keep up the good job

Blur Mommy said...

Wow, well done Evy!! She's really good!!

beachlover said...

wow!..Evy so creative,can drawn and write somemore! clap clap!..My Mishu just know how to coteng her book..She still not understand the concept of drawing and writing.Btw,you can create another blog for your family.Each blog can write up to 3 paid post a day.Try not to use subdomain like your own domain to get more opp wt better paid.After you get your Paid $$$,do add "nofollow"link to your post HTML.By doing this Google won't penalize you further.So far google doesn't increase or decrease my rank.Still stay the same until now..Hope Google don't change his wind and change my I understand google will review our PR every 3 months.Good Luck!

I Cook4Fun said...

Envy is indeed very talented. So young know how to go online and find something to color and printed it out. Must have learn from you :) :) She is really advance for her age.

singairishgirl said...

Yes, I agree she writes very well. It's great. I find that paper and pen/pencils are the best form of entertainment for kids. I carry note books and writing material everywhere as my princess too loves to write and draw. She does them on the back of paper menus too and whenever she goes to Crystal Jade, never fails to ask for a pencil. It keeps them occupied in the restaurants while waiting for food. This is close to my heart as Evy has the same interests as my girl. Start a blog like I did and put her stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

When a child draw, its not exactly 'rubbish'. They are just expressing their thoughts and experimenting with colours and crayons. Every child develops at their own pace and time. They can be slow but may progress much faster a later stage.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh goshhhh such a genius! hehehe she did much better than most of my friends now lol

tweetybird said...

wow, u hv a budding artist in the house! =)

beautiful art pieces

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks hoon and hakka house.

Thanks Lily. Not genius lah, but she loves learning.

Thanks blurmommy, you have a smart little girl too!

Beachlover, thanks for your tips. I read about that too. But Smorty doesn't allow "nofollow" link. The other one didn't mention but I haven't gotten paid yet. I haven't got approved in the PPP market place yet. I think blogspot is okay as long as it's 3:1 ratio, not too many paid posts. I need to stay focus here, my blog comes first, money comes next. :) Money greed can make people lose sight of focus, hinting Google. LOL! Okay, anyone working for Google, don't ban me okie. :P

Thanks Gert! I hope so because I have no one to compare here. Wait til she goes to Kindergarten, then we will know.

Thanks D. I don't think I want to start another blog. With this blog, already working hard to maintain it. The western restaurants here provide crayons and paper for kids to draw, they know the kids need to be entertained. Your princess draws very well too.

Wasn't meant to offence anyone. You were right, I shouldn't say rubbish.

Hahaha Rita, you got to be kidding right?

Thanks tweetybird. :)

Indonesia-Eats said...

Elephant is my favorite animal, beside polar bear :)

When I was a kid, I had an imagination that elephant was blue.

Evy you did a good job, sweety!

tigerfish said...

She's sweet, clever and creative..such a good girl too.
No wonder makes both daddy and mummy happy :P

Ning's Mummy said...

very impressive Evy, the best part is she knows what are the steps all by herself, to download, print, cut, color, paste.. etc. Most kids her age will only follow verbal instructions.

clap! clap! clap! clap! keep it up, show us more...Evy!

Muminmiri said...

Wow, your daughter is truly advanced for her age. Ahem.. any special tips??

Retno Prihadana said...

Ahh...she is very smart and have an art talent.

LittleHands said...

Wow! She's very good! :-)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Indo-Eats. Will let Evy knows.

Thanks Tigerfish. She is also naughty in our eyes and bossy like mommy. :P

Ning's Mummy,
That's good to know. Will show more in the future for sure. :)

Hahaha, thanks Muminmiri. Tips ah, start reading every night to your baby when he/she turns 6 months old. I was lazy to read for my second one and til now she still can't speak!!

Thanks Retno and Littlehands. :)

Anonymous said...

"Evy drew a beautiful flower and color it so prettily while the other kids only knew how to draw lines! Some kids were bigger than her and they drew lines and rubbish. " - by you

While your little girl has indeed acquired a talent in art, which as parents you are so proud of it, other children have their own uniqueness in other areas as well. Thank goodness you admit you are in the wrong when you say other children drew rubbish. Please be mindful of your language used. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For a child to know how to read when he/she reaches one year old, start it when it is still a foetus. Read to them everyday. To have excellent fluency in speech, mummies must work very hard during pregnancy period. Make reading your habit too so your little ones will be an avid reader as they grow up. Everywhere you go, tell them where is this place, what you have seen etc. You will be surprised at later stage when you passby a place with them and they can tell you they have been there before (while in your stomach) .. This kind of early education is very famous in Japan. :-)