Saturday, November 15, 2014

No Egg Cake

A recipe without using egg, milk and butter and still turned out soft and fluffy, not to say easy to whip up too.  The recipe said just mixed everything in the baking pan, but I would advice to mix it in a bowl first before pouring in to bake in the pan.  As, the cake stuck to the pan even though I had greased it before hand.  Other than that, this is an awesome cake to try and very easy to make and delicious to eat.  It is not a sweet cake so don't bother to cut down on the sugar.  I reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup and ended out have to glaze the cake because it was not sweet enough.  Hahaha...we all gain from my experiment.  *smile*

If I am out of eggs and still want to eat cake, this will be my to go recipe for sure.  My girls loved this cake as well and I bet they would request me to make this often along with the fudgy brownie that they liked so much.

Go to Sweet Little Bluebird for her recipe!!

Thank you Sweet Little Bluebird for sharing this recipe.  We do enjoyed eating it very much.


Phong Hong said...

I admit that I have reservations about no-egg cakes. I mean, I love eggs and I cannot imagine a cake with no eggs. But your cake looks pretty good and it warrants at least one attempt :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha...yeah it actually turned out pretty good, like eating a real cake. ;) Worth a try!

naleśniki said...

This sounds fabulous! I love the filling!

tigerfish said...

What an interesting no-egg cake!