Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kimbap Lunch Boxes

Showing another lunch box idea that can be made easily in the morning.  Cook more rice the night before and keep it warm throughout the night (extended warm function in your rice cooker).  Cut the carrot and celery into long strips (or cucumber) the night before and keep in air-tight container.  Boil the eggs the night before as well and keep refrigerated.

So, on the next day, you just have to assemble it.  No microwaving required and it keeps well at room temperature.

Tuna pouch with Teriyaki sauce

I made two version.  One was Teriyaki sauce and the other one was spicy Gochujang sauce with black sesame seeds.  Just opened the pouch and mixed with the sauce and set aside to use as filling.

The instruction for kimbap can be viewed here.

Again using my turmeric brown rice, seasoned with sesame oil and furikake.  Fillings were either Teriyaki tuna or spicy tuna with carrot and celery.  Roll and cut into pieces.  Add in peeled hard-boiled egg and fruit in season and you are done.

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Juliana said...

Nice lunch box...I love the rice rolls with tuna...
Hope you are having a great week Ching :D