Monday, May 06, 2013

Samgak Kimbap Lunch Box

Samgak kimbap or triangle kimbap is the Korean version of rice balls.  This is another easy to make lunch box idea for your kids at school.  I used the same recipe as my post in making onigiri.  You can either buy the samgak kimbap seaweed wrap (it came with seaweed in a plastic wrap with sticker) at the Korean store or supermarket (I read that 40 pieces is about $10+) or you can use the ordinary kimbap seaweed and do as what I did below to keep the seaweed dry and crisp (and save some money).  My girl loves the extra hand on approach in wrapping the rice balls herself.  It is like she makes it herself and showing off to her friends at the same time.  :-)

Make all the triangle shape rice balls or in my case a heart shape rice balls (3-4 for my 9 year old girl) and put it in a bento container for her.  Then use a scissor and cut the kimbap seaweed according to size and in rectangle shape like picture shown above.  Keep all the cut out seaweed in a ziploc bag and pack it together in her lunch box with a napkin.

When she wants to eat, ask her to open out her napkin and spread it on her table, then take out a piece of the seaweed and put it on top.  Then, place the rice ball on top with the sharp corner in the middle like picture shown above.

Fold the seaweed on top and press down the sides.

Then, hold the other two corners up and press it and eat it.  After she is done eating it, she can proceed to the next one until she finishes all the rice balls that I prepare for her.  In this way, the seaweed won't be soft and soggy.  It is a great fun for her to eat too, not to say delicious!

Another fuss free and delicious filling that you can use here is the Asian pork or vegetarian floss.  Go to my onigiri post for the tuna filling recipe.  Enjoy!


PH said...

This is something new to me. Your daughter is so lucky!

Juliana said...

So cute the rice ball, I mean triangle wrapped in seaweed...indeed great for bento.
Hope you are having a lovely week Ching :)

Janine said...

i never knew the koreans had an equivalent to onigiri and it looks equally good!