Thursday, May 09, 2013

Herbal Grass Jelly with Soy Milk

Feeling a little heaty lately so I made myself a glass of herbal gelatine grass jelly with soy milk and palm sugar syrup.  We have this drink in Malaysia and it is also known as Micheal Jackson drink.  Herbal grass jelly drink is very common in Malaysia, usually they just cut it into smaller pieces and simmer it with water and sweeten it with sugar.  Because my soy milk is less sweet and the grass jelly is unsweeten hence I sweeten it with Gula Melaka syrup/palm sugar syrup.  As you can see my soy milk is brownish in color.  This grass jelly has cooling properties and very popular in hot weather.  Other than making drink with it, you can also make dessert.  Just cut it into cubes and mix it with cut fruit, sago, red beans, cendol, coconut flesh, sea coconut and syrup.  Or whatever you can think of that would make a good match.


1 can of herbal gelatine grass jelly
Soymilk, 20% reduced sugar
Gula Melaka syrup (Malacca palm sugar syrup) or honey or maple syrup


Cut out the grass jelly into small cubes and put into a glass.  Add syrup to suit and top with soy milk.  Serve chill.

Note:  If you use the usual sweeten soybean milk at the Asian market, then you won't have to add the syrup or other sweetener.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

what a healthy and cooling drink that you have prepared for your family.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Irina @ wandercrush said...

Oh I LOVE this stuff! It's the hardest thing to convince your Western friends to try, though... something about "grass jelly" just doesn't sound as appetising as it should, huh? Hahah, but I'm glad I know better. This is my favourite thing on a summer day. Thanks for sharing!

sandrine said...

You are brilliant! I always struggle to come up on what to bring to friend's BBQ & potluck especially now weather is warming up, your post gave me great ideas. Being a working mom with a toddler and pregnant, anything that is quick and yummy is the best. Thanks for posting this!