Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pureed Brown Rice Pumpkin Soup

I am not sure of whether to call this brown rice pumpkin soup or brown rice pumpkin porridge.  I made this for my little girl when she was having diarrhea and vomit since everything went into her mouth, it came right out.  I thought if I pureed the porridge, it would go down easier on her.  But guess what?  She refused to eat it, not even a taste test.  The only thing she would eat was Popsicle and of course she could have as many as she wanted since that was the only thing she would eat and won't throw up.

So, I was the one that finished this soup.  I loved it actually, it was sweet and tasted like brown rice.  Now I know what was the difference between white rice porridge and brown rice porridge.  Brown rice taste really stood out. This is suitable for baby, toddler or older people as it's very nutritious and easy to swallow.


Serving for one:

One handful of brown rice, washed
Few pieces of cut pumpkin, cut into tiny pieces
1/4 cup of ground pork
Salt to taste


1.  In a saucepan, add in water and brown rice.  Water for cooking porridge, about double or triple the water needed to cook rice.

2.  When boiling, add in ground pork, and scoop out whatever foam that float to the top.  Add in pumpkin and stir.  Simmer in low heat for about an hour, stirring occasionally.  

3.  When cooked, season to taste with salt.  Add a little chicken powder if you want.  Pour into a glass blender and puree until smooth.  Serve.


Belinda @zomppa said...

Great combination and hearty!

mysimplefood said...

I hope your girl is feeling better.

Roxan said...

I'm sorry to hear your daughter has been so sick! I've been reading a lot of entries mentioning sick daughters and sons... it's definitely that season. Hopefully by now she is feeling a bit better, and able to get down some of this wonderful soup that you made.

Unknown said...

That is perfect for a sick child. We make something similar but I never thought of adding pumpkin.

tigerfish said...

I think I will like this also leh...;p

daphne said...

oh dear, i hope she feels better soon! This soup sounds like heaps of vitamins in it! brown rice and pumpkin-what a lovely meal esp when not well (sweetness).

Anh said...

I made congee from mix of brown and white rice quite regularly. This is another gr8 idea!

Unknown said...

oh poor thing! marcus was having a diarrhea as's something in my breast milk T_T

this is a good idea for later when marcus can already eat something other than milk

noobcook said...

This looks so healthy and easy to drink :)