Monday, May 18, 2009

Lazy and Easy Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice Chicken)

Want to eat Loh Mai Kai (glutinous rice chicken) without all the work? Oh, that's me for sure! I'm too lazy to pack each individually in a bowl and steam it, those are extra work for me. So, have to come out with my super lazy way to satisfy my craving. It is so not authentic okay, but it satisfied my craving, that's the point. I'm living overseas, so anything convenient/easy and yet manage to produce a dish similar to what I miss at home is the key. I really don't care whether it's authentic or not. :P So, stay away from this post if you like yours authentic. But for those who just want a quick fix, come, come, read further, I will share my lazy method with you. :P

First, wash the glutinous rice as you normally would when preparing white rice. Place in the rice cooker according to the water level (same with cooking white rice). Then, add in soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, Shao Xing wine and a little white pepper, stir-well. Let the rice cook in the rice cooker. When cooked, stir the glutinous rice to mix well.

Second, preparing the chicken and mushroom (you can add Chinese dried sausage too). Marinate the chicken breasts with soy sauce, dark soy sauce, Shao Xing wine, oyster sauce, a little sugar and white pepper. Soak the Chinese dried mushroom until soften, marinate with the same marinade above. Slice some shallots for stir-frying as well. In a wok, add oil, fry shallots until fragrant, then add in marinated chicken and mushroom, stir-fry until chicken is cooked, add a little water and the same sauce as the marinade again. Dish out when the sauce thicken slightly.

To Serve:
For presentation, put some chicken and mushroom (plus a little sauce) in a rice bowl and top with glutinous rice. Pat it down firmly and turn it over on a serving plate. Serve with your favorite chili sauce.

Without presentation, just pour the cooked chicken and mushroom along with the sauce inside the rice cooker and stir together with the glutinous rice. Serve as is. :P


Jo said...

Love loh mai kai and would have made this last weekend if I had the time. Great recipe and pictures.

sock peng said...


Food For Tots said...

Looks very authentic! I didn't know you used short cut. As long as it is tasty, I dun mind to follow your way. Hehehe!

Cookie said...

I was laughing outloud when you say "But for those who just want a quick fix, come, come, read further, I will share my lazy method with you. :P"

You direct and honest post keeps me coming back again and again!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to come across your blog. It is the closest cooking blog from home that i can find. I am from Singapore and am living in AZ, for 10 years now. So i am glad that you are introducing ways and ingredients that i can find here to replicate the taste of home.
Thank you and I will continue to follow your blog.

Pearl said...

my mom is making something like that and wrapped in lotus leaves right now!

Anonymous said...

Hi There
You have no idea what a blessing your food blog has been to me!!!! I love to eat. Never cook since we depends on our live-in maid until we move here to Northern California 3 years ago from Singapore. Since I couldn't find good food or food cooked the way I grew up with, I was driven to try cooking. Hence the search for recipes after recipes. I chanced upon your site probably 6 months ago and since have "bookmarked" for when I need an asian fix. Thanks for sharing your culinary experience!!

Cindy Khor said...

i should try this.. the sauce for the glutinous rice really does resemble to the claypot chicken rice...

sue said...

Hey, LCOM, the picture of your Lazy & Easy Loh Mai Kai looks so authentic and me anything home cooked, regardless if it's short cut or what, is always authentic..thanks for the recipe..000

noobcook said...

I like quick fixes as well! I am so impressed that you can make your own loh mai kai at home, I can't tell you use short cut way from the photo!

Unknown said...

wah i always love lazy ways to make yummy things...oh can i really cook glutinous rice the same way i cook normal rice (just put inside rice cooker and press button)? i was told that sticky rice needs to be steamed after cooking...

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

look good!! who care for bowl,right? as long as it's taste good and filling that matters!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Hahaha, I practised the same simple way for Loh Mai Kai too, cook rice in the rice cooker.
But I still steam it for about 1hour then the rice will be very soft and nice, you should try to steam it.

tigerfish said...

Huh? If this is not authentic, what is? :D ...looks yummy leh.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Jo.

Sock Peng, don't know leh. It's the way they made it. Is it HK style?

Thanks Food For Tots. Steaming one is softer and wetter I think. But this is good for me.

Cookie, :P

Oh thank you Lee! I am glad that I can help you in the kitchen. :)

Pearl, oh yummy! You are lucky!

You are so welcome Jo. Glad that my blog can help you whenever you need some S.E.Asian Fix! :)

Cindy, perhaps it's the same sauce use for both?

Aww how nice of you to say that Sue. *pai sek*

Haha noobcook, the presentation can fool people ya. :P

Rita, yes you CAN! I always cook my sticky rice the same as I cook my rice, perhaps just a little bit more water in the rice cooker. This method is only recommended for cooking plain glutinous rice only. I do that to make my kuih too. But if you added meat or other ingredients with the rice, then the rice cooker won't be able to fully cook the rice unless you put lots of water (see this part, I don't know how much more to add), so often time, have to re-steam the rice to fully cook it.

Yes Les! As long as it's quite similar, okay lah. :P

Emile, but I don't have a big steamer so it will takes me forever to steam every bowls, my steamer can only steam 3 bowls the most and if you said 1 hour each time, then die lah.

Thanks Tigerfish. But a less wet and soft version. ;)

yuki said...

hi, do you know where can i get nyonya rice dumplings in pj?

nath said...

hi.. It's my first visit here..
and I love your blog cause I love chinese cuisine... yummy...and this recipe sound delish...drooling~
I have added you on my blogroll, hope you will di the same.
Thanks... see ya!

Quinn said...

Do I need to soak the glutinous rice overnight first? I never knew you could cook lor mai in rice cooker like how you cook rice! Wouldn't it be very sticky and take a long long time to cook?

Big Boys Oven said...

oh! I had been looking high and low this Loh Mai Kai recipe, thanks for sharing, you are so nice! babes rock!

karl said...

One of my favorites at a dimsum restaurant and a few steps away to make it myself.

@ GiGi House of Beauty said...

i think Loh Mai Kai is certainly malaysian signature version! Northen California/Sacramento area chinese dim sum restaurant oso serve loh mai kai with lotus leaf version, which to us, is more like a 荷叶饭 and not loh mai kai!

Your recipe is indeed a quick fix! really smart in improvising ha!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Yuki, you should be able to get it in SS2.

Welcome to my blog, nath.

Hi Quinn, I never soak my glutinous rice first and I always cook in my rice cooker as I do with my rice. Only work with plain glutinous rice and it's always cooked to perfection. I am not sure whether brand of rice cooker plays a part or not, but I am using Zujirushi rice cooker. It takes 45 mins to cook my rice.

You're welcome BBOven! BUT you can easily buy one outside though. :P

One of our favorite too, Karl. :)

Yes gigi. Over here they also call 荷叶饭 loh mai kai which to me it's totally different.

ring-a-ding-a-ling said...

thanks for the shortcut!! I just tried Aunty Lily's traditional method took me half a day haha cant wait to try a shorter method!cheers

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome ring a ding. The taste might not be the same but it's a quick fix.