Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Evy's Birthday Cake: Marshmallow Cake

I asked Evy what cake she wants for her birthday, a store-bought cake or a cake mommy made for her, at first she said she wanted a store-bought cake but later changed her mind to a marshmallow cake. So I said okay and since the strawberry was in season again, large and sweet, why not make a strawberry chiffon cake again and decorated it with whipped cream. Just like a cake I made for her last year except this time will have some marshmallow on the cake. When I started to decorate the cake, she said she wanted a smiley face marshmallow cake, so here's her smiley face marshmallow cake for her 5th year old birthday.

Another look of my tall chiffon cake. Can you see the smiley face?

This time I made it three layers with two layers of whipped cream with strawberry bits.

I definitely added too much red coloring as this cake is redder compared to my previous one. This time I also used 2 cups of fresh whipped cream plus 1/3 cup of confectioner sugar to ice the cake. Remember to place the bowl and beaters in the refrigerator before you whip the cream. The whipped cream beats best when the bowl and beaters are cold.

Note: The marshmallow turned soft the next day but nevertheless still delicious.

I realized I haven't shared the pictures of my girls for quite some time, so here are the most updated pictures of them saying Hi.

Evy with her birthday cake saying cheese.

Edda saying cheese without looking at the camera.


Pearl said...

oh my gosh - your girls are SO precious! and that cake is pretty cute, too ;) (though of course it pales when put next to your girls)

Ginger said...

Adorable girls!! My birthday is in February and I want this cake!! Wonderful photo and thanks for sharing.

Taste of My Life said...

Happy Birthday to your girl and your cake looks fantastic!

SIG said...

I love the cake! You are marvellous! I wouldn't be able to do a cake like that! Happy birthday Evy!

Xiao Yee said...

Happy Birthday to you Evy!
Hi mum Ching (hope i get your name correctly), i am Lee from Malaysia and i follow your blog for quite sometimes.i love the recipes and stories of your lovely girls that you shared in your blog. Your strawberry mashmallow smiley cake looks so delicious:)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Your kid is so lucky to have you, nice cake and nice decorated. My son is going to celebrate his birthday next Mon, I'm too planning to bake a chocolate cake for him, still looking for good recipe..

Family First said...

Its really been ages since you made cakes .. looks like I will have to wait for birthdays now. Thanks for sharing the pics of the girls .. they have indeed grown quite a bit.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to Evy.

Beachlover said...

wow!! your chiffon cake with strawberry really look good with whip cream like store bought one!!Evy is 5 year old now..so fast.Did she go to Preschool pr Pre-K now?

teatea said...

Happy 5th belated birthday to Evy.
Your cake is simple and nice, i have yet to master the skill in baking chiffon cake, hope i can next time round.

Charmaine said...

Beautiful cake! love the decorations. I need to try to make chiffon cake. Your's look fantastic. Did you use dairy or non-dairy cream? Thanks for the tip about chilling the bowl and beaters. Going to try this.

tweetybird said...

Happy Birthday to Evy!


Quinn said...

Happy Birthday Evy!

tigerfish said...


Sweet Jasmine said...

Homemade birthday cakes make with love are the best. Very lovely cake indeed and Happy Birthday to Evy.

Mrs. JP said...

That cake is adorable and so are your girls. I don't think you put to much red in - it's so festive! JP's birthday is monday - now you've inspired me.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha Pearl, thanks! :)

Thanks Ginger. It doesn't have to be on your birthday. You can have this cake again!

Thanks Taste of my life. :)

Thanks Sig. Is not that difficult to make this cake. ;)

Thanks Xiao Yee and glad that you liked my recipes and blog. :)

Thanks Emile Zola. Your son is lucky to have you too.

Family First, where got that long? Hahaha... But for cake with frosting you definitely have to wait until Birthday because I am pretty health conscious as butter cream/whipped cream are very fattening and I only made those for birthday cake. Other time my cake will be without frosting.

Thanks Jackie. :)

Thanks Beachlover. No we didn't send her to preschool because I want her to have more years of Mandarin foundation. She will be going to K this Fall, a school that teaches Mandarin from K-G5, not bad eh?

Thanks teatea. Hope you have success in chiffon cake next time.

Thanks Charming. I used heavy whipping cream, should be a dairy whipping cream.

Thanks Tweetybird. :)

Thanks Quinn. :)

Thanks Tigerfish. Nothing too complicated, clean and simple for me. ;)

Thanks Sweet Jasmine. :)

Thanks Mrs. JP. Yes, surprise JP with a homemade birthday cake with love. :)

Baking Fiend said...

Oh My!!!! Evy had grown so much!

Happy Belated Birthday, Evy!

Bits said...

oh my ... you are gorgeous! This cake is lovely and being your little girl is so lucky! Love the tall sponge sandwich cake!

ICook4Fun said...

Your girls are so adorable!! That is one beautiful cake you made for Evy. Happy Belated Birthday Evy!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Baking Fiend, bits of taste and Gert. :)

The Cooking Ninja said...

wow! They are so big now. How they have grown since I last saw them on your blog.

I love your cake. I hope I can do a whipped cream cake like you. We still don't know where to celebrate my girl's 3rd birthday - Singapore or France.

Big Boys Oven said...

what a lovely and gorgeous cake, hoqww come we were not invited? lol!

cocoa said...

have been a while since i last stop your blog. Your girls are so big now.. still adorable as usual :)

Unknown said...

Hi, your blog has totally inspire me to learn how to make a cake for my daughter upcoming 1 yr old birthday! (I really wanted to make something special for her very 1st birthday.) I am a newbie in baking cakes, here i would like to ask a few baking questions, if you dont mind helping me out.

1) Does chiffon cake has to be bake in a tube pan? Or can I just pour the batter in a regular rectagular pan?

2) Could you share the recipe on how to make the icing for the cake?

Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Alicia,

1) I think you can even though I never tried it. I have seen others baked it in a round pan before. Just that you have to flip it over to cool.

2) This icing is very easy, you need 2 cups of fresh heavy/whipping cream and 1/3 cup of icing sugar. First, in a clean bowl, add in the whipping cream, use a cold and clean beaters, beat it until it's foamy, add in icing sugar and continue to beat until it becomes spreadable cream (when you take out the beater, it will hold its shape). This cake needs to be refrigerated.

I have another birthday cake recipe which uses chocolate cake base and butter cream, you can check that out too.

Gardenerd said...

This cake is beautiful. I'm making it on Mothers Day for my kids!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Gardenerd. Hope you all like it. :)