Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seafood Veggies Curry

On lazy day, I love to cook easy, throw everything in one pot meal. I love to add a lot of vegetable in my seafood curry because I love veggies. With Claypot curry mix, I don't even have to worry about preparing coconut powder or coconut milk because it has been included in the packet. However, I don't really like this Claypot fish curry mix as compared to it's rendang beef. I preferred Delimas vegetable curry paste better. That's solely my own opinion okay. This big pot lasted us for three meals!


1 packet of Claypot Nyonya Fish Curry Mix (also available at mytasteofasia.com)
3 fish fillets, cut

1 bowl of shrimps

8 fish balls, cut into half

1 bowl of fried beancurds (taufu pok), cut into half

2 carrots, sliced

1 cup of frozen green beans

1/4 of head cabbage, cut


In a big pot, add in oil in medium heat, fry the spice mix until fragrant. Add in the recommended coconut milk and all the vegetable. Simmer until the cabbage has soften, add in the seafood and fish balls, simmer for 10 minutes. Serve with white rice.


ICook4Fun said...

This is something that I like to cook too. Just cook everything in one pot and it will last for 3 meals. I totally agreed with you. Delimas curry paste taste better :)

Sharon said...

Seafood, veggies & curry are three of my favorite things in the world!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. looks so good!! So far, I think I like the Delimas & Tean's Gourmet paste the best. Dun really like the Claypost ready mix.

Family First said...

Seems like many use those easy pre-packed ingredients for convenience. I just recently packed a huge box of local ingredients & goodies for my aunt living in Valdosta .. hopefully it arrives before christmas!

Beachlover said...

seafood !my #1 favourite meal! I just cook vege curry 2 week ago..This seafood curry look much better than mine!

Ling's Passion said...

Looks like an easy dish to prepare, on days that I am so into watching Korean and Taiwanese drama series. BTW, just finished 星蘋果樂園 and this is a show to watch if you want a good laugh.

Unknown said...

Hurray to curry mixes! hehe

Christina Kim said...

Fishballs - checked
Fish fillets - checked
Carrots - checked
YEAYYY....must be nice stuffs in your fridge yea?:D

tigerfish said...

Can put ketupat and become lontong or not ?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yay Gert, we have same taste! :) I'm still waiting for the new stock to arrive in myTOA.

Nice right, Sharon? :)

Blur Mommy, Delimas and Tean's Gourmet are from the same company. They used the name Delimas for US consumers.

Yes Family First, I especially love those prawn noodle, assam laksa, curry laksa paste that would take a long time to make from scratch. It's really convenient for us living overseas. I'm sure your aunt will appreciate it. :)

Thanks beachlover.

Ling, I haven't heard of this 星蘋果樂園 yet, will keep this in mind since you said it's good. I'm watching Super Rookie now. My friend gave me an album of Korean dramas that he copied, so will be watching lots of K-drama now. :D

Yup Rita! Our savior!

Haha Christy. Yup always stock my freezer with some fish balls and seafood just in case. :P

Tigerfish, don't know leh. :P

Big Boys Oven said...

wow we had a similar surry this week, I make claypot curry fish with load of veg! wow sounds like we think alike sometimes! lol!

noobcook said...

After trying chicken curry and tom yum, the next curry I wanna try is veg curry! This makes a great one dish meal! :D~

Retno Prihadana said...

I do love to cook easy food too ^_^. It´s getting cold here, seafood curry will be great! A bowl..pleassseee

Jin Hooi said...

I love one pot meal too, simple, delicious and comforting !!

Anonymous said...

My, this looks so delicious. Wish I could have a bowl of it. I made mutton curry today and I forgot to take the final pic of my curry for my blog post. :(