Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dark Chocolate Yogurt Cake

Because I liked this healthier version of yogurt cake so I decided to play with the recipe. So, I created this chocolate yogurt cake. Mine turned out to be black in color like a black cake, hahaha.... Reason being I was using the Special Dark cocoa powder and thus created this specially dark cake. :)

The texture of this cake looked different than my Pandan yogurt cake. It looked spongy but in reality it was soft and moist and packed with chocolate flavor. My daughters loved it and asked me to make it again.


1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder (I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa)

2 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp. salt

1 cup white sugar

1 cup plain yogurt

3 large eggs, lightly whisk

1 Tbsp. strong brew coffee

1/2 cup canola oil


1. Preheat oven to 350'F. Grease a 8.5x3.5 loaf pan.

2. In a large bowl, sift in flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. Add in salt, sugar. Stir to mix well.

3. Then, add in all the wet ingredients: yogurt, eggs, coffee and oil. Use a whisk and whisk everything together until blended.

4. Pour into the prepared loaf pan and bake for 50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean. Cool in pan for 5 minutes before taking it out to cool completely on wire rack.

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@ GiGi House of Beauty said...

sound easy hoh? but my baking very lousy one lah!! dun know why. i think i wanna try your pumkin cake (since now is Pumkin season!)but can i omit the cinnamon powder? i so dislike this taste lah.

Finla said...

WOw that indeed looks like the name say, dark.
I would love to have a taste of it, to see if it is bitter as you added dark chocolate powder.
I love bitter chocolates.
I always have 80% cacao chocolate, when i have a chocolate craving :-)

Hugbear said...

Ching, it looks good. I feel like trying your healthy version.

Anonymous said...

wow I like black black ... must be so rich ... yum. hopefully I can buy an oven soon to start learning to bake :D

Christina Kim said...

Black and chocolatey!!~
Hahaha....not too much for the kids..but you are very creative, yoghurt as an ingredient in a chocolate cake? :)

Food For Tots said...

This is the first time I came across yogurt cake. What a healthy version! Brilliant idea to add in dark chocolate. It looks so yummy! I luv it!

daphne said...

ooo. I'm at work now but I will certainly bookmark the recipe when I reach home. It looks really good. And I like it dark!

Retno Prihadana said...

Nice recipe Ching, Hmm...with coffee can be really good!.

tigerfish said...

If you had not said it was dark chocolate in the making of this cake, I would have thought it was some "squid-ink" black!

Angry Asian said...

thank you thank thank you. i've been looking for nice, moist chocolate cake for awhile now. do you think veggie oil would work, in lieu of the canola?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Gigi, yes you can omit the cinnamon powder. :) This pumpkin cake is very good, worth a try. Oh, you can try this yogurt cake, very easy!

Happy cook, yeah I would have thought it would be bitter too since I didn't add more sugar. Luckily it's not bitter but very dark in color.

Thanks hugbear! It's worth a try, very easy to make with minimal clean up. ;)

Noobcook, yeah go buy an oven and start baking! You know what you put inside. :)

Thanks christy. Need more variation of this healthy cake. :)

Thanks food for tots. :)

Thanks daphne. It's so easy this can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Thanks retno. I have it with my morning cup of coffee. :)

Haha tigerfish, really black hor? I thought so too.

Hi angry asian, yes, you can use vegetable oil or any other neutral oil. Hope you like this cake! :)

ICook4Fun said...

That cake really look very 'orr' I can imagine the intense taste of chocolate. I too like baking with yogurt as its much healtier :)

SIG said...

That's a really dark chocolate cake. Haha. I think I used that same cocoa too... it's the dutch-processed one, ya? I used it in my ice-cream and sponge cake.

Beachlover said...

wow! so "OOOOOO" your choc cake !! must taste rich and moist! I never use dark coco powder or choc,hmmmm must try and see how my baking OOO cake turn up..think I have dark choc in fridge

Anonymous said...

Hi, your cake looks special, so happy to find a healthier cake, looking forward to more variations. Can I omit the tablespoon of coffee? Can I replace Canola oil ith olive oil?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Gert, very "orr" oh. :D

Yes sig, it's the Dutch processed one. :)

Beachlover, yeah try with dark chocolate/cocoa powder next time.

Hi Anon,
Yes, you can omit the coffee. Normally I won't suggest you to replace it with olive oil because olive oil has olive smell. I never bake with olive oil before so I have no idea whether the cake will turn out smelling a little like olive oil or not.

olive oly said...

this is great for my kids. will try out when i m free, they love chocolate cake. but can i replace canola oil with normal cooking oil?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes you can olive oly, just not strong smelling oil, preferably neutral oil.

Unknown said...

never used yogurt in my choco cake or brownies, but this looks like a great idea... thanks for sharing...

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome mikky. :)

Unknown said...

wow! so delightfully dark! i've not been baking for a long time...need to go back to square 1 sob sob

Angry Asian said...

i keep coming back to this post, it looks so good! i was wondering if it'd be too much to have icing??? freshman year of college, during exam week, i lived off of chocolate cake and white icing. i'd like to make this cake but have icing too but if it's too much... what do you think? thank you!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Angry Asian,
I don't think it's too much, if you like icing, go ahead and use it. This cake is not too sweet to begin with. So enjoy!

bearwithmeee said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe. I made it yesterday and boy was it good!!!! Your green tea cupcakes and Pandan cake was great as well!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Bearwithmeee, thanks for your feedback. I'm so glad you like those recipes. :)

ling- said...

hi what type of yogurt do you use?
thank you.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Ling, any brand of plain yogurt would do. I got mine in big tub which is cheaper.

yin said...

hi, my cake sunk after taken out from the oven. is it because i use self raising cake flour instead of multi purpose flour + baking powder?