Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Yi Lu Fa Cai

This is my copycat dish of Chef. Steven "Hou See Fatt Choy". I added some wolfberries for extra color effect. Whether it's a good idea or not, I don't know but wolfberries is good for us, so why not? Why I didn't name mine "hou see fatt choy" you might asked. That's because I couldn't find any dried oyster here. Nada...not one in sight. So, have to make mine without the dried oyster and gave it a new name which I read at Tigerfish's blog. This is the dish I brought to Lily's house.

Does this dish looks appertizing to you? I would really love to know because my hubby thinks this dish is soooo unappealing that he didn't even bother to try one. *Sorta pissed to learn later that he didn't even bother to try one of my CNY dish creation because to him it looks unappertizing, my own hubby!* You tell me!

Lastly, I want to wish my readers a "Happy Valentine's Day" !
Hubby wants to bring us out for dinner and so no cooking for me. :)


Anonymous said...

hi Ching
No leh, I think your dish is gorgeous. I like the red/green effect. Did u make the fish balls yourself? They look good. Care to share the recipe?
Hmmmm, maybe I'll make this for Chap Goh Mei (15th day) and I will add some dried Chinese mushrooms for added variety. What u think?

Anonymous said...

Hi little corner of mine,

Your dish looks ok to me, as i like the greeny look of the califlower..
can i ask u for your mini sponge cake, the recipe ask for 2 large pinches of salt, is it 2 teaspoons of salt because i wan to try.

ICook4Fun said...

This dish sure look very appetizing to me. Your husband don't know what he missed. May be you spoil him with all your wonderful cooking :) :)

ICook4Fun said...

By the way Happy Valentine's day to you and your family.

cocoa said...

is this some sort of meat back with fatt cai? haa.. hmm maybe it will look better without the wolfberries ;)

Anonymous said...

What actually is that? Honestly, I can't tell except for the broccoli of course :P

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Happy Valentine's Day, gf!
Mmmm...he's bringing you out for dinner tonight to make up for not tasting that dish? So nice of him. Maybe you will also get a big Valentine present too? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Belacan,
Came across your blog vis lilyng's. Nice blog. Happy New Year.
I have the same problem getting the oysters. Cant get them in my town and if I get them too early , they turn rancid, so now for jook, or to make anything Chinese with ho see.. I use canned smoke oysters. Just add them in the last minute HTH

mommy-monster said...

Hai, I always admire your creativity and shortcuts and using whats available. Sure looks good and am sure it taste good too. A pity your hubby did not try... my hubby is just the same. This is the first time I am leaving my comment eventhough I have been reading your blog. Keep cooking and ps have tried some of your recipes.. they are good and genuine.. Thanks.

daphne said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Dinner huh? It better be a romantic one! LOL

I will try that dish anytime. Pass me the spoon. Love the way you arrange the broccoli around it-gives it even more colour.

Anonymous said...

This dish does looks appetizing for me. Am sure it does taste delicious also. u should tell him not all food that looks appealing is delicious. he should at least try it first then give comments. Happy Valentine's Day to u!

Anonymous said...

The first photo looks fine but the second with closed-up not that appealing as your hubby described. However, you made a number of great dishes in the past that should cover this particular CNY dish. Don't feel bad since people learn from mistake and practice...

tigerfish said...

I think it looks appetizing leh! Hmmmm.....maybe I like it, tt's why.
But from some point (near view), each ball looks like tiny brain - i think it's the effect of the fa cai (black moss) which seems like tiny vessels in the brain!!! :O ...oops....have I made it unappetizing now? :P

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Tatiana. I thought my dish was gorgeous too! LOL! I created this dish by looking at Chef. Steven picture with 3 ingredients listed, I think you can do it too! If really cannot, then leave me your e-mail here, I won't post it and I will e-mail you my recipe , just for you. :)

Hi Anon,
1 tsp. of salt is sufficient.

Exactly Gert!! I only got to taste one myself before all were gone and those that feedback to me said it's delicious and even asked for the recipe. He missed out man!

Mine is fish paste, minced shrimps + fatt cai balls.

Hahaha Lin, it's mentioned above!

You wish lah V, he where got so nice one. LOL! No present too, he said my present is the creme brulee dessert...LOL! Unlike your sweety, he did better right? ;)

Thanks PutuPiring for the canned smoke oysters tips. Don't think I have seen this too, need to pay attention next time. :)

Oh thank you for your comment mommy-monster. Glad you like my recipes and yeah it's a pity he didn't try this dish because I'm not sure when I will have the mood to cook this festive CNY dish again. LOL! (Next year probably)

Thanks daphne. Tried to be romantic with two kids around. LOL!

Thanks Delia. Happy belated V's day to you too! I surprised one angmoh with this dish because he didn't know by the look of it, it could be delicious. He truely enjoyed this.

Hi Anon,
I was not feeling bad because I thought this dish turned out gorgeous and delicious too. It's the perception of people of this dish that got me curious. Because this dish which I thought was gorgeous might be the other way round for others. I was just mad at him for not trying my dish (his wife) because of his perception of this dish.

Tigerfish ah, if you think this is appetizing, then you know how to eat. If you think it looks like tiny brain....hahaha...sorry lah. For sure those who think like that (probably like my hubby) won't give this dish a try.

Peony said...

hahaha, men! always like that.

I 'warn' my hubby if he doesn't eat what I cook, then won't find me cooking anymore for him.

he has to take me out dinner every meal then.

Sweet Jasmine said...

your dish looks wonderful...its just yr hubby might not like the way it is cook...a picky eater like my hubby and boys also won't touch some of the food i cooked....sometimes have to tame their tastebuds on just plain porridge and simple food..ha.ha..

SIG said...

Sabar sabar. Can tell how mad you are. It's ok. It's his loss. He'll have to wait a year then! Aiyoh don't be so upset. Everyone liked it right? My girl will love all that broccoli. And I agree the gou qi is very good for eyesight especially. :) I love the dish.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Peony, that's a good line. I should use it on my hubby. LOL!

Thanks Sweet Jasmine. You were right, he is one picky eater and his favorite dish is fried eggs. Maybe I should serve him fried eggs everyday. LOL! j/k lah.

Hi D, it's okay now, lost steam already. But quite mad when he first told me. :P

Anonymous said...

Its me again... You'll find the smoked oysters in the same section as the canned sardines, tuna etc

Beachlover said...

what a lovely dish!!..Happy Belated V Day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I think I got my link wrong during my 1st comment. Hope this is right.. =)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks putupiring, will look it out when I'm in the Asian market next time. :)

Thanks beachlover!

Yes yes, you got the link right this time, mommy-monster.

Anonymous said...

Hi LCOM,this is such a lovely dish with wolfberries in it. Great idea. Can we exchange link ?

By the way I think it is not late to wish you 'Gong Xi Fatt Chai'.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks SueSue and yes, I love to read your blog too, have been a silent reader. :) I just printed out your fatt kuih recipe and contemplating when to try it. Let me go wish you back at your lovely blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching

Thanks for the recipe! I have received it and I will have a go this Chap Goh Mei with it. Dun think I can find the frozen fish paste here, but homemade fish paste should be ok also, rite?
I hope my two girls will at least try it -- they are the very picky ones who are adverse to trying new dishes -- whereas my hubs will eat anything I put on the table LOL


Nilmandra said...

The 'tiny brain' comments made me chuckle hehe... I think it's the facai that made them look a little strange. I think the addition of wolfberries made the dish look very pretty, and as you've said, they are good for you too :) I like your presentation of the dish with nicely arranged broccoli.

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome Tatiana. Yes, homemade fish paste should always be a better choice. If they like fish ball, they should like this. Oh yeah, you need to add a little salt in the homemade fish paste since it doesn't come salted. :)

Thanks Nilmandra. :)

Anonymous said...

actually, i think it looks really good..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Sandra. Are you the Sandra I know?

pingmouse said...

hi lcom... r u kidding me? This dish looks so delicious. I can eat 10 of them. Your hubby obviously didnt know what he was missing.
Btw... Im a good friend of Ray frm mybuddies. Love your blog and the lovely food pictures. Will try out some of your recipes soon. Thank you for sharing :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh thank you pingmouse and welcome to my blog. :)