Tuesday, February 19, 2008

London Almond Cookies

Cooling on rack.

Covered with white chocolate and sprinkles.

Covered with semi-sweet chocolate and almond bits.

I saw this cookies at Rainbows and it really got me interested. I have not seen this kind of CNY cookies before because I have been living in the States for a very long time. Thus, I only familiar with the traditional CNY cookies. Luckily, I know how to bake and can always make whatever cookies that strike my fancy. So, here is it, my first ever London Almond Cookies. As I was lazy, I melted the chocolate using the microwave and perhaps that's why my melted chocolate was fairly thick and it won't spread nicely like the one in Rainbow's blog. She said the skill of making this cookie is in melting the chocolate. Guess I can't really do a short-cut if I wanted my cookies to look like her. Tastewise, no different but for the presentation itself, huge difference. LOL! :P

This cookies is on the sweet end, as the white chocolate is sweet. However, this easily can be any children favorite, but very messy when given to toddlers.


aiknhoon said...

Looks Yummy! I was told to use a double broiler to melt chocolates. I didn't have double broiler at home so what I did was to use two pans. Put chocolates in the smaller pan and water in the bigger pan. Then put the smaller pan on top of the bigger pan, keep stirring until it melt. It turned out good for the goodies I had to make last Christmas.

Greg said...

Those look really really good. Nicely done.

Beachlover said...

I never hear of London Almond cookies.It's look interesting..hmmmm...must keep this receipe for Xmas!! hahaha!!

Nilmandra said...

I used to melt chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water but I now do it in the microwave as well. It's always turned out well actually, just on 'Defrost' for a few minutes. I've never been able to tell the difference.

Ooh and I'm passing an award on to you: http://www.soyandpepper.com/2008/02/nice-matters.html

Happy CNY (it's not the 15th day yet!) :)

daphne said...

lovely! Looks like the melt in your mouth sort of cookie? The word is "rustic looking"! =)

Anonymous said...

Mix your chocolate with some evaporated milk to dilute it. Imported chocolate is much thicker in texture than the local chocolate found in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cookies. You know my little girl, only attack the chocolate on top and left the cookies untouched. Huh, what a waste.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

So glad I got to see you for CNY, and these cookies are sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, your bake looks as lovely as Rainbows! Wld you know what she means by "wrap up half almond"? Thanks.

Sweet Jasmine said...

wow...you really make yr first london almond cookies...looks great...try melting the choc.. the bain marie way....it will made the choc smoother and fine....hats off to you....!

SIG said...

Haha, this is the one that caught my eye too and I would like to make it some day.

ICook4Fun said...

I made this too for X'mas and just like you I melted the choc. in the microwave and it was so thick. Not a good idea :) :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Hoon,
I know of this double broiler trick (the same as bain marie) but I'm lazy you see....hahaha... This cookie is sweet and a bit troublesome to make, probably won't make it again. :P

Thanks Greg. I see you love chocolate. :P

Beachlover, first time I heard of this cookie too. :)

Thanks for the award, nilmandra. One anon said the U.S. chocolate is thicker.

Thanks daphne. Mine really not melt in the mouth cause the chocolate is hard. :P

Thanks Anon for your great tips. Yeah I was contemplating whether to add some liquid to dilute it to a speadable consistency or not, but at that time I only thought of water which is a no no, didn't think of milk at that time. Alas!

Thanks suesue. Hahaha, she just being a kid!

Likewise V! Oh yeah, it is sweet!

Thanks Anon. She meant wrap a half toasted almond inside the dough before you form it into a ball and bake it. So, inside the cookie has half an almond in it.

Sweet jasmine, I told you I'm going to make it right? ;) Thanks for sharing the recipe ya. :)

Hi D, this is more like children cookies, too sweet for me. Very good for kids party!

Haha..Gert! Very thick won't spread at all right? One anon said need to add some evaporated milk to dilute it. ;)

ICook4Fun said...

Actually I ran out of heavy cream so I didn't add any to it :) I normally will add a couple of tbsp into the melted chocolate.