Monday, December 31, 2007

Fried Fish Paste You Tiao

This is what happen when a craving strike! I really like the one that stuffed with sotong paste like commonly served in M'sia. But since I don't normally buy squids and also I think it's healthier with fish paste, I tried it out with the ready made fish paste. I seasoned the fish paste with sesame oil, white & black peppers and chopped scallion. Stuffed it in the you tiao and spread some sesame seeds on top and deep-fried until cooked.

Oh, do forgive my clumsy job with the mayonnaise! It's not supposed to be like this, supposed to be thin strips over and across the you tiao and made it really pretty. Little did I know that my mayo cap is the wide type and can't really do any pattern on it. Thus, look so ugly! LOL! My failed attempt on presentation. :P

When I tried it, only then I knew it's the wrong Mayo! Did they use the Japanese mayo in M'sia? Because it's certainly not the American mayo. The mayo served supposed to be on the sweet side and really compliment the fried you tiao well. Not the American mayo though, it just didn't suit and I resorted to eat it with the Thai sweet chili sauce instead. I was thinking either the Japanese mayo or they added honey or other stuff in the mayo. Anyone care to enlighten me?

It turned out crispy and good but it can be better with perhaps ground pork + shrimp paste. Fish paste is not as sweet in my opinion.

Here's to my last post of 2007. Tomorrow will be a new year to look forward to.

May the New Year brings us much joy, health and wealth!!


Peony said...

I have a feeling it is Japanese mayo too or at least sugar /honey added to the mayo.

just ate recently that instead of yu-tiao, the paste is smeared onto beancurd skin, fold n deep fried. quite a tasty combi too.

oh, Happy New Year to you and your family.

Unknown said...

harlow! I've been reading your blog regularly and i guess it's time to reply lol.

Do try to mix regular mayo with sugar syrup (icing sugar dissolved in warm water) or those syrup from canned fruits to get the sweeter type of mayo that normally goes with fried stuffed you tiao..That's how i normally do mine. For a different variation, you could add in some wasabi paste to the mayo+sugar syrup combi for wasabi mayo!

Happy new yr to you!

ICook4Fun said...

I am so going to make this dish since I have some fish paste but first I have to get some 'yau char kuey' first :) Thanks for the recipe. By the way, hope you don't mind that I link you to my blog.

daphne said...

i really like this dish! and the sprinkle of sesame seeds just made it even more special!


bigfish_chin said...

yummmy... yummmyyy....!!!!
~Happy New Year~

Beachlover said...

hmmmmm...this yauh tiu is something new to me..I see chinese bakery sell yauh tiu stuff pork floss and wrapped with seaweed,yauh tiu outside..another one yauh tiu wrapped inside sponge cake with cream..I never attempt to buy and try it...maybe I should try once,atleast I know how it taste..Yes,japanese mayo taste better than regular mayo..I use Jap mayo to make sushi and salad..

Big Boys Oven said...

Walio this dish is delicious especially, to be eaten straight after being deep fried, so syiok!

Indonesia Eats said...

At glance it's looked like what we call for Kekian. Happy New Year to you and family

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Peony,
Yes, I tried it with beancurd skin already, also very good.

Hi Benson Renxi,
Thanks for your reply! Now I know what to do if I make the stuffed you tiao again. Thanks ya! :)

Hi Gert,
Don't mind at all, I have linked you as well. :) Hope you like this dish!

Hi Daphne,
Yes, I like this too, next time will experiment with other filling.

Thanks Bigfish!

Hi Beachlover,
Wow, I never seen or tasted the ones you mentioned too, sound exotic! The one I made is very common in M'sia, often serve in a Chinese restaurant. When you go back, order one in M'sia, you will really know how it tastes then.

Yes BBOven, so crispy!

Happy New Year to you Andaliman!

Anonymous said...

I love to make this! I use fish paste sometimes, sometimes I use shrimp paste. Both are good. I use Japanese mayo with wasabi & honey. It goes very well with it.

Next time, I will copy you and put some sesame seeds ... looks nice.

It's also good instead of Yu Tiao or beancurd ... use seaweed ... but must eat immediately or else it becomes soggy.


Beachlover said...

hahaha!! Then I really jakun(sam-par),never eat yauh tiu stuff with shrimp paste!!I'm going to city tomorrow,see I can get some yauh tiue from the bakery and show you the sample...exotic or maybe cool...hehehe!! ..

tigerfish said...

I think there are 2 types of mayo. Sweet and savory mayo. Also, I think S'pore/Msia use Jap mayo for the you tiao. :)
Yum, yum! to a Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

I use prawn paste as it tasted best with you tiao and mayo. I also use the mayo blended with a few drops of lemon juice and castor sugar to taste. Blend the mayo until smooth and shiny.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Tricia and for your tips! :)
Happy New Year to you & family too!

Hahaha...beachlover, ok, will await your upcoming post! :)

Thanks tigerfish! I think it's cheaper to make my own sweet mayo... :P

Thanks for your tips! Will try with shrimp paste next and sweet Mayo to go with it. :)

SIG said...

Hey, Happy New Year to you and your family. Wow, I just had the you tiao at a restaurant last week at dad's birthday dinner. Yes, they used shrimp paste and mayo as dips. I am not sure what goes into the mayo. Probably like everyone here says, it's Jap mayo they use.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi D,
Now I remember the Mayo they used is yellow color, that's Jap. mayo! Or like the others said, we can sweeten the mayo ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I've never had this before but I'll definitely try it one day. I love you tiao. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

This is pretty good, but try it with shrimp paste, the filling will be sweeter!

Anonymous said...

Over here in M'sian cafe and restaurants the mayo used are normally mixed with sweetened condensed milk, for that sweet and milky flavour. do try it out! :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thank you Sarah!! Will give this a try! :D