Friday, November 30, 2007

Easy Tiramisu

Tiramisu anyone? I made too many vanilla cupcakes the other day (as you all know) and I was left with 5 unfrosted cupcakes sitting in the fridge. Thus, I have to turn it into something so that my family will eat it. I have cream cheese and heavy cream in the house and thus light bulb, Tiramisu it is! I always wanted to make that anyway, but always lack of one or two ingredients. So, I invented this Easy Tiramisu. Timing was right also because it became our Thanksgiving dessert. :)
Note: Best to use cupcakes that are soft and fluffy or sponge like cupcakes.


1- 8oz (226g) Philadelphia cream cheese
1/3 cup (40g) confectioner sugar
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

225ml heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup (55g) sugar

Syrup (C)
1 Tbsp. instant coffee granules
1 tsp. cocoa powder
1/2 cup warm water
1 tsp. Brandy (or 1 Tbsp. /more to suit your taste)

Cocoa powder for dusting
5 vanilla cupcakes (each cut into 3 layers)
1 small milk chocolate bar for chocolate shavings


1. Whip heavy cream until soft peak, add in sugar and whip until stiff peak, set aside.

2. Beat (A) until combined (can use the same beaters you used to whip the cream, don't have to wash). Fold in the whipped cream. Set aside.

3. Dissolved coffee granules and cocoa powder into the warm water. Add in the Brandy. Stir to mix well. Set aside.

4. Place the bottom layer of the cupcake in a cup/bowl/whatever you have at home. Top with few teaspoons of the syrup. Add a dollop of cream cheese mixture and dust with cocoa powder. Continue with the layering. For the last top layer, sprinkle some chocolate shavings in the middle to serve.

So easy right? And the result is so worth it!


Mandy said...

very pretty and creative use of the leftover! I like mine with lots of alcohol. :D

Indonesia Eats said...

Here is another favorite of mine. Do you still have one left for me please?

I made easy tiramisu one time, you can take a look at

Beachlover said...

oh!! your tiramisu is chinese style.I remember chinese bakery here also use sponge cake to replace lady finger.Hmmm look good and not too much or too sweet...I still have a big pack of lady finger,I should make some cup tiramisu too for hubby Bday in few days..

SIG said...

Yes, does sound easy. Looks lovely in all those glasses.

Greg said...

Tiramisu with cupcakes! That's very creative. Looks delicious too. I'm sure it was.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Mandy. Yes, I can't put too much alcohol because the kids eat it too. LOL!

Will go check it out later! Sorry, no more left! :P

Oh, can't wait to see your hubby's birthday Tiramisu cups. :)

Thanks singairishgirl. It's easy but very fattening!!

Thanks Greg! Yes, it delicious but sinful. :P

Big Boys Oven said...

walio! those babies (tiramisu) of yours look gorgeous and so well layered. I am so proud of your creative work, well done babe!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks BBOven. :)

tigerfish said...

Genius! I love tiramisu and don't mind trying your version.

daphne said...

nicely done! I like the way u use philadelphia cream cheese too (can use the light version! ;p)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

I love that you used those glasses for your lovely tiramisu!

Sweet Jasmine said...

good idea... looks pretty and tempting ...another recycle item..if you have mascarpone cheese it wll taste even better...

Sweet Jasmine said...

oops i forgot... i have something for u again....pls drop by to claim it...

Nilmandra said...

Simple and delicious. Beautifully presented too!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks tigerfish! This is also a cheaper version too!

Daphne, Yes, can use the low fat cream cheese too! ;)

Thanks gf! :)

Sweet Jasmine,
I don't know where they put the Mascarpone cheese, I tried to look at the section where they sell cream cheese and couldn't find one. Ok, will go over to your blog to claim it. :)

Thanks Nilmandra! :)

Dwiana P said...

This Tiramisu is inviting me!! love to have just one....:)

LittleHands said...

Ching it looks so delicious and so tempting! Any sponge cake will do is it? I just make a chocolate sponge cake, maybe I can use that hor? But I got to find heavy whip cream first. Very tempted to make hehe. Thks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Tried your recipe last night. Came out good. I kinda combine your recipe with another that I have on file ...

My son ate most of it!!!

Thanks for Sharing.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Dwiana, thanks and feel free to take one! :)

Hi LittleHands,
So sorry, I totally forgotten about your comment and failed to respond early. Yes, you can make it with chocolate sponge cake too because I really don't see why not. :) How it turned out for you?

You're welcome Tricia. Glad your son enjoyed it, my two girls enjoyed it too...hahaha...which is great, others to help me eat those calories...:P LOL!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm still to coward to start baking yet, Tiramisu is the only cake I've made or I should say 'I can make' (blushed). Will try with low fat cheese next time, thanks

Little Corner of Mine said...

Chumpman, low fat cheese is a great idea because this dessert is very fattening. :)