Monday, November 19, 2007

Delimas Assam Seafood Paste (Assam Fish)

I wanted to try this Delimas Assam Seafood Paste for awhile but just never really gotten a chance to do so. Perhaps I was thinking of getting the similar fish like those shown in the picture of the packet before I cooked it. But, months went by and I just didn't see it (or I never walked on the fish aisle when I was in the Asian Market). Anyway, long story short, I decided not to wait anymore and took out my frozen Tilapia fillets and started cooking.

I coated my fish fillets with rice flour and pan-fried until golden brown, set aside. Then, I followed the instruction at the back of the packet, mixed 350ml of water with the paste and let boiled, then added in the frozen okras (fresh ones are best of course) and let it simmered for 10 minutes. Pour the sauce and okras on a plate and placed the fried fish fillets on top and top with more Assam sauce before serving. (Sorrylah, no tomato!)

This is how the packet looks like. For those who lives in the U.S., you can buy it online at If you like Assam Fish, you will like this! If you have tried this paste, how you cooked yours and what fish did you use?


Indonesia Eats said...

Never try this before. Can I have some :D

Nilmandra said...

Looks really good! I've not seen any Delimas products here, unfortunately, and can't order them online :(

daphne said...

this still looks good!! I can just imagine having this with a bowl of warm rice! perfect.

Anonymous said... come no tomato? I always like my spicy assam fish or prawns with tomatoes.

I use frozen fillets in almost allmy fish dishes :O

Big Boys Oven said...

oh i love this stuff so easy and simple to make and yet so delicious!

Retno Prihadana said...

Hmmm..yummy,I want it with warm rice. We call tamarind paste: asam/asam jawa.

Beachlover said...

Aiyo!!.I also never have to chance to cook Delimas yet since I'm making my own paste these day.Beside Delimas I bought some other brands of assam fish paste but also didn't cook yet..You assam fish look good:)

Christina Kim said...

Woww...this is really nice:D
Fish fillets...means no bones:p

SIG said...

Ahhh... you're a great fan of Delimas. Haha.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sure Andaliman, help yourself! :)

Sorry about that Nilmandra. Delimas is a brand specifically designed for U.S. consumers. But you can order it from website because they do ship everywhere. Just the shipping cost might not justify it, unless you are really rich and don't mind at all. LOL! :P

Thanks Daphne! :)

Tigerfish ah, because hubby doesn't like tomato lor, so tomato always not in my shopping list. Now to think of it, fillets actually easier to eat, no bone mah! :D

Hi BBOven,
Yeah...I saw you bought their brand too. In M'sia, it's Tean Gourmet. I remembered you tried the chicken curry and curry mee for your dinner too. :D

Hi Retno,
Thanks. Yes this is cooked with tamarind paste if we make it from scratch. :)

Thanks Beachlover,
Yeah lor, I also noticed you are very hardworking, making your own pastes a lot these days. Thus, no use for the paste liao. Unless for super lazy day. Oh, did you get the Chan Hong assam fish too? If yes, remember to post it if you cook it because I want the review!! I have yet to buy and try this assam fish or Nyonya fish paste, can't recall. haha...

Hi Christy,
Thanks. bones mean easy to eat! Next time I should have just used the fillets instead of looking everywhere for a fish with bones. LOL!

Hi Singarishgirl,
Hehehehe.... This brand is pretty good lor. :)

Anonymous said...

Was the Delimas Assam mix very hot?

Sweet Jasmine said...

i also used packet assam paste mixture for my assam fish..we have quite a number of brands here in M'sia and i like the Brahim's brand best..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Speedoflight,
Hmmm...I don't think it's hot, more towards sour. So, definitely not very hot.

Hi Jasmine,
I haven't tried Brahim assam fish yet. But I do like Brahim kuah kari ikan, it's like Indian curry fish which I like.

Dwiana P said...

I never try this product, I think I should put it on my list when shopping at the Asian market.

Unknown said...

Hi! I am a fellow Malaysian from the state of Johor.I am curious about the DELIMAS Paste. Could you please look at the packaging & tell me who the manufacturer is?

I am wondering whether it is SUNTRACO SDN. BHD.,
8, Lintang Sungai Keramat 6A,
Taman Klang Utama, 5th Miles,
Off Jalan Kapar, 42100 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Do let me know, ok?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Jan,
Yes, that is the manufacturer. They created another name Delimas to market in the U.S. In Malaysia, it is called Tean's Gourmet. ;)