Monday, March 19, 2007

Cream Cheese Mixed Fruit Butter Cake

I have a bottle of Brandy sitting at home, so I'm thinking of soaking it with some mixed fruit and make a fruit cake out of it. But I never make a fruit cake before and eventhough I do like the American version of the dense fruit cake with little flour used, I still prefer the Asian version with more flour and less fruit.

My mixed fruit soaking in Brandy ready to be used. I soaked it for more than two months. Now in search of a recipe to try. Since I'm not going to make the traditional kind, I opted to try Lucy's cream cheese mixed fruit butter cake. You can find the recipe at her blog under October 2006 archives.

These are the nicer bunch of my end product. The rest got stuck to the pan and came out broken. :( So, please grease generously and flour it if you want to try.

This cake is very soft, sweet and moist. Since I used a lot of brandy (1 cup) to soak my mixed fruit, my cake tasted of brandy and if consume too much can get giddy wor. I think I should rename it Brandy Cake. LOL!

For convenient, I posted Lucy's recipe here:


125 gm. Butter
125 gm. cream cheese
185 gm. castor sugar (probably have to cut down the sugar to 150 gm. or less)
3 eggs (size B)
200 gm. Cake flour, sifted together with
1 tsp. baking powder
150 gm. Mixed fruits - soaked overnight with 2 Tbsp. Rum/brandy/Kirsch
50 gm. Chopped walnuts
5 nos. green Cherries - diced


(1) Cream butter, cream cheese and sugar together till creamy.
(2) Add in eggs one at a time, beat well after each addition to prevent curdling.(3) Mix 2 Tbsp. of the sifted flour with the mixed fruits to prevent the fruits from sinking.
(4) Fold in sifted flour and then add in the mixed fruits, green cherries and walnuts.
(5) Pour mixture into a 7" square tin and bake in preheated oven at 175C for about 45 mins. or until cooked.
(6) Remove from oven and leave to cool on the wire rack.


Chawanmushi said...

Hi belacan
Gosh, you soaked the fruits for two months in brandy . No wonder you got brandy fruit cake ...hic, hic LOL
I read somewhere that some only soak them for two hours in brandy if you don't want yours to be a brandy cake.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Chawanmushi for your tips! :)

Cranberry said...

Yummy fruit cake, belachan!

Gosh! I soaked for more than 4 mths in-laws love it and they are not drunk or tipsy hahaha..
and the thing is I soaked the mixed raisins with whole bottle of brandy!

I am going to try out Lucy's recipe soon and thanks for sharing :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Whole bottle of brandy for more than 4 months, WOW! You in-laws must have good alcohol tolerance. I took that to Lily's party and even her also got tipsy by having a small sliced of the cake. Haha..

Oh, you're welcome and I hope you like this Lucy's recipe too!

Carol said...

Hi belacan,
I hope this is not an odd question but can i ask-what particular brand of brandy is good for fruit cakes like this? Thanks a lot

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Carol, sorry I don't have an answer here. For me, any brand would do, probably 5-10 years old one.