Monday, March 05, 2007

Chap Goa Mei (15th night)

Chap Goa Mei in Hokkein means the 15th night. It also marks the end of CNY celebration. So, I decided to cook and invited my neighbor for dinner. Fellow members at IK told me that people eat Tang Yuen at this last day of CNY, preferably the one without syrup that roll in ground peanuts. Some said people also eat the fried nian gao on chap goa mei. The fresh nian gao they eat it during the first few days of CNY and the last day of CNY, they eat the fried version. Maybe less fresh so they fry it?

I cooked four dishes (seem like three huh?). The one on top is too dark to be seen. Anyway, I stir-fry a mixed veggies, baked a soy sauce chicken, steamed some cod fish fillets and lastly braised some mushrooms (pic. below).

This is my braised mushroom with lily buds, wood ear, dried beancurd and fa cai.

I also made red bean paste tang yuen with ginger brown sugar syrup for dessert (don't have ground peanuts, so eat with little syrup lor).

This is Evy's hot dog tang yuen (as she called it) that she made herself. I thought she is too innovative so I snap a picture of her creation to share with you. :D

I fried some nian gao with sweet potatoes for lunch in the afternoon. This nian gao was given to me by Lily. You can look up her recipe at her blog.


Anonymous said...

Very nice spread :) I am amazed by the energy you have, preparing all these dishes and looking after 2 kids.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Times like this is when I wish we are neighbors! :)

ioyces said...

hi there!!

i have been following ur blog for around 6 months and have been enjoying the recipes and pictures!
Your children r very adorable!!


Just tot to mention that recently Fa Cai was found be toxic and will lead to dementia...think it was just before the chinese new year that the news was a study from HK U..

Take care and have a very prosperous new year!!


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi ioyces,

Thanks for letting me know about the fa cai. I was not aware of it before. Now, I have to throw the rest of my fa cai in the trash can.

For others who needs to read more, here's the link: (just copy & paste)

Anonymous said...

Hi there:
Can you tell me how to make the braised mushroom with lily buds, wood ear, dried beancurd dish? What do you use for flavoring, sauce and the technique. Would you mind posting the recipe?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your fried nian gao makes my mouth water and it reminds me of home. How did you make your batter?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Speedoflight,
Give me some time to type it out in a separate post for you. By the way, no measurement since I just made that dish on that day. But you will know what sauce I used and the technique.

Hi Peanut,
Thanks, my batter is super easy and it produces crispy result everytime. Just mix self-raising flour with water until a thick consistency is formed.

Edith said...

i love those hot dog tang yuan. thanks for sharing this precious moments.