Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Confinement Drink - Red Date Tea

This is the drink that I had for the whole month instead of water. Other than that I had Milo with milk in the morning and after three weeks cheating with two cups of coffee. :P This tea is simply delicious. I put everything in a slowcooker and let it cooked overnight on low and enjoyed it the next day. I used red dates, black dates, tong sum and dried longan. My slowcooker is the big one so everything I added was based on agaration.

For the complete recipe, click here . Courtesy of Peony and thanks for posting the recipe.


Innocent Pet ('@') said...

thx for the sharing but i found it's too sweet and cause coughing which is a big no no to me as i went thru c-section.

is there any other drinks to suggest during confinement as drinking plain water is another no no thing to do.

thx again


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi elcayhoh,

I'm not really sure what else you can drink. I think my mom said it's fine to drink MILO.

If you think it's too sweet, just omit the black dates and use less dried longan or more water. You just adjust the amount according to your sweetness.