Monday, March 06, 2006

Hot and Sour Soup

Want a bowl of hot and sour soup? This is also an Americanize dish. Not sure whether you can find it in M'sia.

This recipe can be found at Lily's blog. I omitted the bamboo shoot and char choy and added cut baby corns.
I also added dark soy sauce and chilli paste into mine to make it real spicy. Also thicken the soup with potato starch.

This hot/spicy and sour soup is really suitable for winter. The sweating helps to keep you warm. :D Thanks Lily for the recipe!


Alicia said...

Hey I just made some Tom Yum Soup over the weekend...yup, spicy soups good for winter. And for some unknown reasons, my little boy enjoys spicy food too!!! Of course, he would also be guzzling down his water too!! hehehe..

I didn't get the Oster breadmaker, it's a Breadman breadmaker. I wanted one with a time delay, ermm, laziness...:) I had an online coupon that I needed to use before it expires so I put that in good use..:D Let see how this works, and see if it comes out as nice a loaf as yours..*cross fingers*

Tazz said...

Ching, the soup looks nice. I'll get the recipe from Lily's blog. Thanks! :)

FooDcrazEE said...

yummy aint it ? next Tazz gonna blog it..hehehehe

Unknown said...

Ching, the soup looks so good, got all my gastric juices churning already. I love sour spicy stuff ;p

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks all. :)

Buzzbuzz, mine is Sunbeam, also comes with time delay, I have yet to try all the functions, only used it once thus far. :P

Anonymous said...

Yummy !!!

Unknown said...


this soup did you good?

might have to make it again as the cold front is on us again.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Janet! :)

Lily, this soup keeps me warm. Hahaha... I'm pretty much cured when I made this soup, so not sure it helps with cold or not.