Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cookies...Cookies... the season to make some cookies! I have a tea party on Dec. 17th (today) which gave me an excuse to make some cookies, or play with the dough. :P I actually had a few patterns that I wanted to try out, but it didn't turn out so well as I was using the melting moment recipe (added more flour to make it crunchy). The dough was still too soft to shape! Thus got to make do with my last minute patterns, whichever works!

From left clockwise,
Peppermint & Vanilla Cookies, Peppermint Cookies, Strawberry & Vanilla Cookies, Peanuts Cookies, Orange-Cranberries with Brandy Cookies

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Individually packed to prevent flavor mixed up.

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Then into the gift bags ready to be given away. This is my "Thank You" gift for coming to the tea party. :o) Hope they like it.


Tazz said...

Ching, you are very good in baking cookies. All your cookies look so attractive! :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Tazz! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun in the tea party :) those cookies give-aways are such great ideas for all times!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! How I wish u are still here and I should be the one that receiving all these cookies... I am still curious lah, how come u are such a good chef ? If I am not wrong, your cooking skill was just so so only during the old times ....hahaaa! Also, I want to see how u look like now leh, any pictures ?

I am going to Lai Hong and Yim Heng 's cafe for their soft opening tonight.... They have just kongsi to open a cafe !!

Anonymous said...

Ching, your guests are so lucky. Get to attend your party and still received thank you gift.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Lin, yup yup! I love homemade goodies!

JC, I think I got infected by those Christmas spirit. Just a little special homemade goodies from my heart to theirs. :)

Janet, please give them a big congrats from me. What kind of cafe is it? Can take picture and show me ah? I want to see who children belong to who leh. I can't tell! By the way, you 2nd daughter looks more like you while the eldest one more like your hubby. Are you trying for your third one now? Hehehehe.... ;)