Friday, December 02, 2005


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I made this as a dessert on Thanksgiving night since I have some leftover yam from the yam kuih. Bobochacha is actually very easy to make and here's my version.


~Yam, cut into cubes and steamed for 30 mins.
~Sweet Potatoes, cut into cubes and steamed for 10 mins.
~Gula Melaka or the yellow hard sugar, to taste.
~Coconut Cream/ Thick Coconut Milk.


1. In a saucepan, add in the amount of water you want. When boiled, add in the gula Melaka, add to the sweetness you like (need to taste test, if too sweet, add some hot water, if not sweet enough, add more gula Melaka). Stir until sugar dissolved. Lower the heat and add in the coconut cream and the steamed yam & sweet potatoes, stir to mix well, about 5 mins. Turn the heat off. Serves hot or cold. Enjoy!


Alicia said...

Hmm...I've been yearning for that too!! hehe...probably I'll try and squeeze in some time to make it. Oh yah, I'm still can't believe you made your own pork floss!!!! Totally take my hat off!! :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hehe... Will make chicken floss soon since my daughter loves to snack on this. But she made a mess on the floor though. :P

Anonymous said...

Your bu bu cha cha looks yummy. My version I will add in pumpkin and also sago