Thursday, December 29, 2005

Look who came to visit!

This adorable baby boy is Lily's grandson. He is getting bigger from the last time I saw him. Not sure what was up with my daughter. She just sat on the sofa the whole time the visitors were here, no smile and speechless the whole time. Not sure whether she knows how to play with a baby or not! One thing though, she didn't get jealous when I was carrying him.

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Isn't he just adorable?


linnish said...

Yeah, Lily's grandson is cute! Your daughter is also very cute, looked so gloomy...maybe she's shy?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yeah I also thought she looked gloomy. She is not really a shy person though, I don't know leh.

Tazz said...

Gloomy because of hidden jealousy? *lol* Oh! I know I am bad for saying this! :P

Sherreen said...

Wow...Lily's grandson is very cute ler....Think your gal a bit shy lor I suppose...maybe need time to start her engine...Actually, I love coming into your blog just to see your gal's pic..she's cute the photo you took when it's snowing..

Little Corner of Mine said...

To think of it, you might be right hor. ;)

Thank you! And thanks for dropping by. :)