Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Air Fried Baby Portabella Mushroom

Air fryer is a great kitchen gadget to have if you haven't owned it already.  I used it plenty often to produce an easy lunch or dinner.  It save me time and the food turned out great every time.  I would advice you to invest in one if you haven't already, or you can wait until Black Friday for the great price deal!

I wish I have asparagus, then I could throw that in and make it a more colorful and balance meal.

Cut the Portabella mushroom into half.  Put it into a bowl.  When done, drizzle some extra virgin oil and season with pink rock salt and spices of your choice.  Air fry for 400'F for 9 minutes.  Enjoy while still warm!


kestrel said...

I have an air fryer but not used much as don't know what ot cook in it except for nuggets. So it's great i found your blog. I can do lots more with your recipes, first try is mushrooms and asparagus, kestrel jom colour me

Sara Bronfman said...

This is exactly the kind of helpful and thorough information i’m looking for. Much appreciated!

Selma's World said...

I just found your blog. It's amazing.
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Veenas said...

A Very Yummy Wonderful Recipe !!! WOW Nice Photos to See. I'll Definitely Try it. Thank You For Sharing.

Sam Smith said...

Using Air Fryer is just fascinating as using a tech gadget. I have been thinking of buying one. Your idea of using it for Portabella Mashuroom is interesting. Thanks for the nice post.

desicart said...

Nice blog to follow while preparing recipes.Thank you so much for sharing with us.