Monday, May 01, 2017

Mushroom Tuna Thin Spaghetti

I created this recipe just because I had to really use up the organic button mushroom that I bought few days ago.  I also saw 4 canned of tuna in waters that I would have to use before it expired in 2018.  I know tuna was good in spaghetti with a little lemon juice added, so this was the best way to use up my tuna and mushroom.  I stocked up some Non-GMO thin spaghetti, spaghetti and linguine when it were on sales the last time.  I bought 2 bottled of Non-GMO spaghetti sauces too for the really lazy moment or quick fix.  I figured my elder daughter should be able to boil a package of spaghetti and heat up a bottle of spaghetti sauce for herself and little sister if needed to.  Perhaps I need to make some meat balls and freeze it for their convenience.

Oh yeah, if you have noticed my recipes recently, I liked to use both the Himalayan pink salt and sea salt together.  I thought in this way I would get the best of the 2 different minerals that were found in these 2 different salts.


1 box of Non-GMO  thin spaghetti, cooked per direction, drained and set aside.
Thinly sliced organic button mushroom, about 8
Organic spring mixed salad, to suit
1 canned of tuna in water, drained
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
4 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
Olive oil
Himalayan pink salt, to taste
Sea salt, to taste
1/4 tsp. cane sugar
Black pepper, to suit

Parmesan cheese to suit


1.  Heat up the pan.  Add in olive oil.

2.  Add in garlic, fry until slightly turned color, add in sliced mushroom.  Stir-fry until the mushroom is soft.  Add in spring mixed salad, stir-fry until soft.  Add in the thin spaghetti and some water.  Mix well.

3.  Add in the tuna, mixed well.  Add in the lemon juice.  Season to taste with Himalayan salt, sea salt, cane sugar and black pepper.  Mixed well.

4.  Serve on a plate and top with some Parmesan cheese.  Serve hot!


tigerfish said...

This is really my kind of dish. Maybe I can try with canned sardines since I do not hv canned tuna stocked in my pantry.

Priya Shiva said...

Awesome blogging keep going