Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Taro Dessert Soup with Taro Chewy Balls

Slightly more work than the usual dessert but definitely worth all the effort.  I have a soft spot for taro, anything that made with taro root, I know I wouldn't be able to resist it.  I found Veronica chewy ball recipe on the web and decided to give it a try.  Mine didn't turn out as chewy, probably it was because I didn't use the hot water to knead the dough and used the tap water instead.  After I had mixed everything and then I remembered I forgot to boil water, oh well.  Also I would suggest to add sugar when mixing the dough so that the taro chewy balls would be sweet instead of bland.  Overall, it was still a nice dessert!

I got the recipe from here.  Thanks Veronica!

Cut taro dough into pieces

Before boiling

Boil until it floated on top, scoop it out and place in ice cold water

Drain and set aside

Cut steamed taro pieces

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tigerfish said...

Such a wonderful dessert especially when the chewy balls are homemade.