Saturday, July 11, 2015

Porridge with Peanuts

I liked to save the roasted duck necks to make soup or porridge.  Just to let it fragrant the broth or porridge.  Cooking the porridge in a rice cooker is so easy as well, I just throw the ingredients in in the morning and let it cook itself and I had myself lunch and dinner ready.

Added toasted peanuts and sesame seeds plus cilantro kick it up a notch.  It just made the porridge super delicious!  I guess it is also my excuse to eat more sesame seeds.


Leftover roasted duck necks or meat
1 cup of rice
5-6 cups of water
5 ex-large shrimps, cut into tiny pieces
Sea salt to taste
Ikan bilis granules (no MSG) to taste

Serve with:
Chopped scallion and cilantro, toasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, white pepper and sesame oil.


1.  Wash rice and pour into your rice cooker.  I use double the water amout indicated in the rice cooker, for 1 cup of rice, I use 2 cup water measurement for porridge.  Add in roasted duck necks or meat and shrimps.  Turn it on and let it cook.

2.  When done, season to taste with sea salt and ikan bilis granules.

3.  Serve in a bowl, add a little drop of sesame oil, white pepper, chopped cilantro and scallion, plus toasted peanuts and sesame seeds to enjoy to the fullest!  Enjoy!


tigerfish said...

Super easy yet super flavorful bowl of porridge! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like good and delicious definitely I will try this one. Thanks for sharing restaurant in satya niketan delhi