Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Penang Style Char Kuey Teow

This is my version of Penang Char Kuey Teow.  For the past ten years, I have never wanted to share this recipe of mine even though it had been asked by my readers. But today, I decided to share it so that for those living overseas who misses this Penang's hawker delight can cook them at home.

I have never measure when I cook this dish and I always cook in individual portion because my little one wants it non-spicy at all.  My elder one wants it mild and we adult like it spicy! Some like it more eggs, no chive, etc.  So, I always cook in individual portion to suit each other taste bud and preference.

You can add lap cheong, sliced fish cake, sea hum or sliced fish balls if you wish.  I would love to have some lap cheong but the ingredient lists scared me and I read that wax meat can cause cancer.  I am trying to eat as clean as possible and away from processed food if I can.  I already switching most processed food consumed in this house to be organic or non-GMO certified. Have to take care of our bodies so that our bodies can take care of us right?  It's common sense, if you keep feeding your body with junk and poison, what do you think it is going to repay you with?  Think before you buy!


1 packet of kuey teow, flat rice noodle, cut into strips, separate.
Garlic, chopped
Chive, washed and cut into 2 inches length
Bean sprouts, washed
Shrimps, cleaned
Lap Cheong and/or fish cake (if you wish, I omitted those)

Oyster sauce, fish sauce, Huy Fong chili garlic sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar and white pepper.


1.  Heat up your wok.  When heated, add in some oil.  Then, add shrimps, stir-fry until cooked, add in garlic, stir for a second, then break in an egg or two.  Stir-fry well.  Add in lap cheong and/or fish cake if using.

2.  Add in the flat rice noodle and seasonings, except white pepper.  Stir to blend well.  Lastly, add in the bean sprouts and chives.  Stir to mix well.  Turn off heat and sprinkle with dashes of white pepper.  Stir and serve hot!


tigerfish said...

Wow, you are so 贴心...cater to the individual's preferences :)

You make cooking Penang Char Kway Teow sound so easy...maybe I can try? :p

Meaderiote said...

Hi Ching, it looks so yummy. I wish I could have some right now, making me lau luah niah.

I must learn to cook this dish as I know my family will love it. I do love lapcheong and will add to it.

I do miss the ones with the bak eu pokh as well.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha Tigerfish, yes go try! It's really an easy dish for me to cook.

Thanks Meaderiote. It's easy to cook this dish, not difficult at all.