Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thai Food in Malaysia

I don't know why but whenever I go back to Malaysia, I want to eat the Pandan chicken at a Thai restaurant.  Perhaps the Thai restaurants in the U.S. do not sell Pandan chicken.  Sure, I can attempt to make it here but I never try that because I can only get the frozen pandan leaves here.  Guess, I am not really craving for it but it is just something that I want to eat whenever I go back.  Do you have something that you must eat when you visit Malaysia?

Steamed whole fish in sourish sauce, what a treat!  Living in Colorado, we are so used to the frozen fillets, we hardly have excess to fresh fish unless we want to pay a lot for it.  So, steamed whole fish or fried whole fish was such a luxury for us.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Kang Kong Belacan, Egg Fu Yong for my girls as they loved fried eggs.  Oh, the water is not free in Malaysia, expect to pay 50 cent or more in any of the restaurant. I have cut sugary soft drink from our diet, and the best healthy drink for us is water. But sometimes, I will let them have fresh fruit juice instead of water. But most restaurants charged ridiculous prices for their drinks, you can actually order a plate of small dish with just few dollars more.


Juliana said...

I just had dinner and would not resist if all this food were placing in front of me...looks delicious!
Enjoy your week :D

daphne said...

I miss eating fish like that in a restaurant!!! Yummy food indeed! I'm a fan of pandan chicken too!

Joel said...

WOW! What a buffet. Really hard to find great feasts like this in barcelona. I'm going to do an malaysian-inspired menu at my supper club ( in barcelona soon and this is inspiring! thanks :)

Meaderiote said...

I just noticed in the last pic all of you texting or checking your cells. hahahaha too funny. It is a sign of the times for sure.