Sunday, November 03, 2013

Three Beans Detox Soup

We all know beans are good for us right?  But I have never heard of this combination before until I watched a Taiwanese TV show recently.  She said this three beans detox soup can detox the body.  Since I always have these three beans in my pantry so of course I have to cook it.  Her recipe is without the sugar but I added Chinese brown sugar so that it is more like a dessert soup to us.  My girls both like this kind of Chinese dessert soup, they wallop all the beans including the soup every time I cooked it.

Green bean is cooling so it is not advisable to eat/drink green bean soup during your menstruation.  So, she suggested that during your menstruation, you can cut down on the green beans or even omit it.  Red and black beans are considered neutral so you can eat it all the times.  I always thought red bean is a bit on the heaty side, but I guess I was wrong.  On the side note, green tea is also cooling, so no green tea during menstruation please!

For this to work, you will have to cook until all the beans are broken out and eat it along with the soup.

Yields 4 small bowls.


20g green beans
20g black beans
20g red beans
1000ml water

5 Tbsp. Chinese brown sugar or to taste  (I added this, optional).  You can also use Chinese rock sugar, brown slab cane sugar or black slab cane sugar.


Soak the beans for at least an hour.  Drain and rinse.  Then, put all the beans in a slow cooker, add the 1000ml water.  Set it on high for 4-5 hours.  Have to cook until the beans are broken out to get the benefit.
You can drink it as it, together with the beans or you can add Chinese brown sugar to taste.  You need to go to the Asian supermarket to buy the Chinese brown sugar or white/yellow rock sugar, not the American brown sugar.  I added some Chinese brown sugar and it became our dessert.  You can double the amount to make bigger portion.


tigerfish said...

I also thought while green beans is cooling (good for summer), red beans is heaty (good during winter). Looks like I am wrong too. Red beans is actually neutral? I have always wanted to get red beans and green beans to "supplement" my pantry. Currently I only have black beans that is apparently under-used as well :O

PH said...

I should do this 3 bean soup for my next detox!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching, any recommendations for stove-top cooking? how long should it be boiled? Thanks.-tash

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Tash, probably let it simmer for 2-3 hours? Just simmer until the beans are broken out and that would do.