Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lunch Box for Two

Oh finally came a time that I needed to prepare two lunch boxes.  I was worrying because I hardly have any leftover these days as we all finished whatever I cooked for dinner, well mostly.  They were growing up and started to eat more I guess.  So, I was asking my elder girl, what should I prepare for you and your sister to bring to school if we don't have any leftover?  She said we are fine with sandwiches, you can just make us sandwiches.  I was like what kind of sandwiches, not peanut butter and jelly right?  She said, lettuce with tuna.  I was like okay. So, I went shopping for Rudi's organic bread, organic romaine lettuce, swiss cheese and a Whole Food's rotisserie chicken (as we don't eat deli meat).  If no rotisserie chicken, I can fried an egg with some pork floss, or use the tuna pouch.

Their dad bought a case of yogurt drink without reading the ingredient list, thus the reason the frozen yogurt drinks are in their lunch boxes.  We grew up drinking yogurt drink in Malaysia so it never occur to us that it is actually packed with high fructose corn syrup and all sort of other sugars (bad stuff!).  Anyway, this frozen drink acted like a ice box for the sandwiches.  And it melted into cold drink during their lunch time.  Definitely not buying it again after we finish whatever we have left.

The verdict:  Both of them loved it and kept asking me to make them sandwiches. 

For my sandwiches:

Rudi's organic bread
Organic romaine lettuce
Swiss cheese
Shredded rotisserie chicken breast
Ranch dressing (I don't buy it, but got extra from Steak & Shake restaurant)
Lingham's chilli sauce (Asian supermarket)

Wrap it with cling wrap to prevent it from turning dry and easier for them to eat and less messy.

Couple with some fresh fruit from the refrigerator.


PH said...

I have been bringing sandwiches to office lately. They are the most practical things to make and there are so many variations for the filling.

ivy sew said...

Very healthy lunch box for kids :)

tigerfish said...

Good that they are not fussy! :D I bought WHFs rotisserie chicken recently and also had leftovers to make sandwich.