Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Samples Lunch Box 2

White rice with stir-fried kailan and braised A1 emperor chicken spices with boneless and skinless chicken thighs

For me, making lunch box for my girl used to be saving money.  But now it is to ensure that she gets a healthy and balance meal.  She used to envy her classmates who get to eat in the cafeteria, but now she loves bringing her lunch box to school as her classmates would come and check on her lunch box (they are curious) and say things like it looks good, it smells great, oh are you eating spring rolls, that's the best thing ever, some even want to exchange her lunch box.  She gets compliments on her lunch box and I guess that changed her attitude towards it.  I do let her eat in the cafeteria when they are serving special meal such as Thanksgiving meal and Christmas special.

No leftover so made easy onigiri with tuna filling (with be sharing a blog post on this later)

Again no leftover, so I cooked this quick and easy mac and cheese for her.  This half was for Edda, I put Evy's mac and cheese in the thermos.  Annie's has lots of different kind of pastas that I can make for them and knowing that they are getting the real deal.

From now on, I will only share creative lunch boxes that I make on the morning of her school day when I don't have leftover.  That's when it will be the most challenge for me as I will have to think of something to make by using what I have in my pantry and refrigerator. 


Holiday Baker Man said...

Great boxes!

Belinda said...

Your daughter is beyond lucky to get such healthy variety!

tigerfish said...

The compliments on her lunch box go to her mom :)

BTW, thanks for your reply on the gochujang.

PH said...

Very nice, I like the first one best :) I am thinking of bringing lunch to office but it is quiet time consuming. I guess I have to be better organised if I am serious about it. Cannot be lazy!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I am sure your daughter appreciates this very much.

I am in college now, but my mom used to pack me sandwiches in elementary thru middle school, and in high school, dinner's leftovers.

I am very thankful my mom did that, as her meals were certainly healthier and more delicious, and they were actually filling. When I ate school lunches, I would get so hungry by 3pm that I ate a second lunch before dinner.

natasya said...

I hv 2 boys in junior school and I make their lunch boxes everyday too. Your posts would help give me new ideas. however being boys they are not that keen on anything green :-).