Friday, August 17, 2012

White Radish Soup

I loved Korean radish and have been buying it to make kimchi, braise chicken Chinese style or Korean style and not forgetting to make soup.  Radish is cooling so eaten best when you feel that your body is heaty or a cough is coming.  Simmering radish with pork said to be reduce fever, stop coughing and prevents gallstone and kidney stone.

I made this soup for my cough that I developed after I came back from Malaysia.  I suffered the worst jet leg ever, couldn't sleep well for the whole week and then started to have sore throat and coughing that prevented me to sleep for another week.  Not cool at all.  My dad said my body didn't want to come back to the U.S. and thus it made me suffered.  ;-D 


  • Chinese white radish or Korean white radish, about 1 bowl sliced
  • 2 carrots, peeled and cut
  • Mushroom stems, or 5-6 whole mushrooms
  • 10 red dates
  • 2 drumsticks
  • 1500ml water


In your slow cooker, add in the above ingredients.  Turn it to high and leave it and forget it until 4 hours later.  Or turn it to low and come back after 8 hours.  Set it on according to your meal hour.


tigerfish said...

I love daikon or white radish in soups. Add any kind of meat and it taste so sweet.

Veronica said...

What is the difference between Korean radish and the normal radish? Is Korean radish with a greenish tinge? Radish soup is a favourite in my family.

Nancy Yee said...

What are red dates? Is it readily available in Chinese markets? Is it dried? Sorry so many questions.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Tigerfish, me too! I love it in braised dishes too. Yum!

Yes Veronica, the Korean radish has the greenish tinge, big, round and more like oval shape. The other radish is white and long and thin compared to the Korean one.

Nancy, dried red dates is also called jujube. It's available at the Asian market where they put the Chinese herbs. Reasonably priced.

daphne said...

oh thanks for sharing this recipe!! You are so right abt it being "cooling"!

noobcook said...

daikon soup or stew is the best because it soak up all that goodness from the broth.