Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lotus Root Soup with Dried Mussels

Recently I asked my readers how they used their dried mussels to cook and this was one of the suggestions.  Except I used chicken drumsticks instead of pork ribs.  This is definitely delicious and the dried mussels brought another flavor into the soup.  This is Chinese dried mussels which you can find in the Asian market.

I would certainly make this soup again!  Thanks friend!  :-)


  • 2 chicken drumsticks, you can keep it whole or cut it
  • About 8 to 10 dried mussels, soften it warm water, rinse
  • 8 Chinese red dates or jujubes
  • 1 lotus root if small, half if big, peel the outer layer and cut into slices, soak in water until ready to use
  • 1000 ml water 
  • Salt to taste


1.  In a saucepan, add in water and let it boil.  When boiling, add in the drumsticks.  Scoop out anything that float on top.

2.  Add in dried mussels, lotus root and red dates and let it boil again.  When boiling, turn to heat to low and let it simmer for 2 hours.  

3.  Season to taste with salt.  The soup will be sweet.


daphne said...

ahh. i can just imagine how sweet it would be. did your girls like it?

Unknown said...

Slurp! I love the use of chicken drumsticks. I also find that SC's mama's soups are always nice because she almost always uses both chicken and pork with bones in her soup...and of course, she boils the soup forever :D

Min {Honest Vanilla} said...

oh another wonderful home cook meal! great follow up from the previous post, now i have 2 ways to use up all lotus roots :)

Retno Prihadana said...

I haven´t tried lotus root, seems healthy.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Daphne, my girls loved it. They only have problem with Dong Quai and ginseng floss soup because it's slightly bitter.

Yup Rita, that's the secret of boiling sweet soup, use bone and boil for a long time.

Thanks Min, you will like this soup.

Oh Retno, I thought lotus root is pretty common. :P

tigerfish said...

I guess the dried mussels also add much savory flavors to the naturally sweet soup?

Little Inbox said...

It's time for me to start using dried in soup boiling. I can't wait to taste the soup with it. I'm curious how's the taste.

pigpigscorner said...

I just made some lotus root soup too but I didnt put mussels. Sounds like a great addition!