Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicken with Colors Bell Peppers

I always have leftover chicken breast either from the rotisserie chicken or the fried chicken that my hubby bought.  You can either make it into chicken salad for the chicken sandwich or just stir-fry it like me.  Since we eat rice almost daily, stir-frying the leftover is my way to reuse the food.

I loved to buy color bell peppers when it goes on sales.  We must eat with colors as different color of fruits and vegetables will give us a different nutrient that our body needs.  But it is hard to convince my girls to eat bell peppers and onion.  From my posting, I noticed that I have used less onion in my cooking these days because I took their dislike into consideration when preparing meal, even without realizing it.  I used to cook most dishes with onion.  Guess I need to bring back onion in my stir-frying.


One piece of leftover chicken breast from the rotisserie chicken/ fried chicken, skinned and shredded
1/4 piece of a small green bell pepper, sliced
1/4 piece of a small red bell pepper, sliced
1/4 piece of a small yellow bell pepper, sliced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Dark soy sauce, 1/2 Tbsp.
Soy sauce to taste
1/2 Tbsp. Sugar


1.  Heat up your wok.  When heated, add in some oil.  Add in garlic, fry until slightly golden, add in bell peppers and stir-fry a little.

2.  Add in shredded chicken, stir-fry well.  Just to heat up the chicken at this point.  Add the soy and dark sauces and sugar.  Coat and mix well.  Turn off heat and serve on a plate.


Anh said...

I normally use leftover chicken in sandwich the next day, but throwing it in stir-fry dish is nice, too!

tigerfish said...

Bring back the onions! :P

Good way to use leftover roast chicken breast. Coincidentally, I have that leftover in my freezer too.

3 hungry tummies said...

I love cooking this with beef too...what a vibrant looking dish!

busygran said...

I love the different coloured peppers. They give the dish a distinctive flavour.

Bakericious said...

the assorted ingredients made the dish looks colourful!

Retno Prihadana said...

Ah, I still have left over fried chicken in my fridge. Thank for sharing, Ching. I noticed that you don´t use onion. My kids don´t like the smell of sauted onion, but they do like it much in food :))

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Anh, pretty nice. :)

Hahaha Tigerfish, okay..okay. Yes madam. :P

Yeah 3 hungry tummies, pretty in colors.

Busygran, I like the red one the best, love the sweetness the red has.

Yes jess. :)

Retno, I love onion actually, used to cook with onion often. But without realizing it I seldom cook it now because my girls won't eat it. I need to bring onion back!

Unknown said...

thanks for the inspiration...i don't have leftover roast chicken but now i suddenly want crunchy and sweet bell peppers :D

Anonymous said...

wah!what a good idea to cook the chicken breast with bell but isn't the meat should add a bit rock sugar, egg white and tapioca powder and fried first then only add together the bell pepper to fried?
rock sugar: to make the meat color more shinny
egg white and tapioca: to make the meat tender..
this is only my idea. hope you won't mind...
from jane

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha Rita!

Jane, this is the leftover chicken meat, which means it's already cooked. I just reused it in another dish.