Sunday, January 03, 2010

Minced Meat Noodle

I bought some packets of fresh Pho rice noodle (the noodle that served in Pho soup, Vietnamese beef noodle soup) thinking I can serve it with chicken soup. But I don't normally like to serve the same thing often which brought me to think of another way to serve this fresh noodle. As my readers know, I love Korean drama and almost in all K-drama, there have this so-called Jajangmyeon (炸醬麵), homemade hand pull noodle with dark black bean sauce made by Korean Chinese. So, I had this idea of making my own Chinese version of Jajangmyeon with this Pho noodle. I didn't have the Korean black bean paste, chunjang so I made my own version of dark sauce. The end result, we totally loved it! Evy said it's so yummy, when are you going to make it again? Well, wait til I buy more noodle first, I told her. This is definitely a new noodle dish that I am going to make again for my family.


  • 1 packet fresh Pho noodle
  • 1/2 lb. minced/ground pork
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 big bowl of washed bean sprouts
  • 4 bowls of water

LKK oyster sauce, ABC sweet soy sauce, LKK premium dark soy sauce, LKK black pepper sauce.

potato starch/cornstarch + water

crispy fried shallots, Kadoya sesame oil and chopped scallion


1. Marinate the ground pork with soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, white pepper to get rid of the smell. Stir well and let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

2. Boil a pot of water. When boiling, briefly cook the pho noodle until soften, according to packet instruction. Drain and place in individual bowls. In the same boiling water pot, quickly blanch the bean sprouts. Drain and set on top of each noodle bowls.

3 In a wok, add in a little oil, chopped garlic and fry until slightly golden brown. Add in marinated ground pork and fry until no longer pink. Add in water (to your liking, but enough to make gravy for 4 bowls of noodle). Then, add in the sauces. Let it boil and add in thickener. Stir until gravy thicken. Scoop into each individual bowls.

4. Garnish with crispy fried shallots, scallion, even sliced red chili if prefer. Add a dash of Kadoya 100% pure sesame oil before serving.


sock peng said...

i like it

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I very often cook this simple way of noodle too !

Unknown said...

wa~ wa! always wanted to try jajangmyon....

which k-drama u re watching now? (i bought 11 k-drama series last weekend = MARATHON) hehehehhe

tigerfish said...

Hee heee...I love minced meat sauce....I usually drizzle some black vinegar to replicate the minced meat gravy they have in Singapore. :P

The Cooking Ninja said...

Happy New Year!

Wishing you an awesome 2010 with heaps of blessings - love, joy, great health, laughter, wealth
and dreams fulfilled.

ooh...that looks so good. The gravy reminds me think of duck noodles. yummy

Jin Hooi said...

Yum !!! I love noodles, especially with minced meat !!

ICook4Fun said...

I never try eating the Vietnamese Noodle this way except in soup. Great idea Chings. Going to Chinatown today and I am going to see if I can find some of it.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Same here SP. :)

Sonia, have you tried it with fresh Vietnamese noodle? Good mix!

Rita, I want to try Jajangmyon too, wait til I get the Korean black bean sauce. I just finished watching Iris, haven't started on a new drama yet.

Tigerfish, the Singapore version has black vinegar, what is the recipe? Do you have it in your blog?

Thanks Cooking Ninja, same to you!

Me too Jin Hooi.

Thanks Gert. I wanted to try something different with this noodle and this worked out great.

noobcook said...

I like your JK inspired noodles. I feel like making some 炸醬麵 soon :D

Big Boys Oven said...

this looks truly delicious, just look at those noodles! yummy1

SIG said...

That looks really good, C. Slurp.