Friday, June 05, 2009

Spicy Eggplant with Ground Pork

This is one of Malaysian favorite dishes. I love eggplant stir-fry with ground pork and in spicy chilies. Yet, my hubby dislike the taste and texture of eggplant, thus I haven't bought an eggplant for ages. However, recently while reading Rita's blog, she mentioned that to soften her eggplant, she just sprinkle it with some olive oil and salt and bake it in the oven. Now, why I haven't thought of that? I used to stir-fry the eggplant in oil to soften it and found it very oily because the eggplant will soak up all the oil. But with the new knowledge, I went to buy an eggplant. I had this dish for two days and it was yummy!


  • 1 Japanese eggplant, slice thinly and arrange on a aluminum foil lined pan. Then, sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt. Use your hands to mix well and bake in preheated 400'F for 10 minutes. Set aside to let cool.
  • 1/4 lb. Ground pork
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • Canola oil

  • LKK oyster sauce, about 2-3 Tbsp.
  • Delimas crispy prawns chili, about 2 Tbsp.
  • A little sugar, about 1 tsp.


1. In a wok, heat up some oil. When heated, add in red onion. Fry until slightly soften, add in the ground pork. Fry until pork is no longer pink. Add in soften eggplant. Stir-fry well and add in the seasonings.

2. Add a little water (1/4 cup) if needed. Stir well and dish out to serve.

Note: Delimas crispy prawns chili is the same as Tean Gourmet crispy prawns chili.


ICook4Fun said...

Great mind think alike!! I too just cooked eggplant yesterday and also bake the eggplant first before cooking it. I cook mine a bit differnt. I cook the sauce and pour it on top of the roasted eggplant. You are right. Its much healthier than frying it in oil.

Cindy Khor said...

i'm gonna try this recipe. i dislikes aubergine as i hate the soft gooey texture. and your recipe could help me overcome this fear of egg plant. thanks. my boyfriend love the purple veg and keeps on begging me to cook for him. nows the opportunity.

My Asian Kitchen said...

love eggplant especially this type of cooking:Spicy!! hehehe!! talking about eggpant I still have few in fridge,I better cook it tomorrow b4 it's goes bad..

pigpigscorner said...

Love this with rice!

Baking Fiend said...

i like this too, esp wif sambal chilli!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Gert, so much healthier than frying it in oil. Now I am going to buy this purple veggie more often. Can cook something else for my hubby. ;)

Cindy, with this method, the eggplant is not mushy and gooey at all. It actually kept it shape. Hope you will learn to love this veggie so that your boyfriend can be a happy man.

Les, spicy eggplant is it woman! Hmmm yong tau foo eggplant also nice.

Yes pigpigs. :)

High five baking fiend!

test it comm said...

This sounds nice and simple and tasty!

Noob Cook said...

my hub don't like eggplants for the same reasons as well so I am going to try your method too :)

Unknown said...

one of my all time favorite dishes!...sometimes i switch to satay sauce...equally easy and also tasty

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Kevin. It is that simple and tasty dish. :)

Hope you have better luck noobcook. My hubby just ate the ground pork and resisted in trying the eggplant. Thus I had it for two days! Once their mind are set, they can be pretty stubborn!

Mmmm...satay sauce sounds like a great idea too, Rita. Thanks!

SIG said...

I love love love this dish... love eggplants :) I'm feeling hungry now... argh!!

food-4tots said...

Tks for sharing. I will try it out. My son also loves baked eggplants with cheese, spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, green peas and cooked rice. ;)

Anonymous said...

You Can use Bean Paste (mashed it) instead of Oyster Sauce & Bean Paste are known to kill the not so nice smell of Brinjal (Eggplant). For spiciness, I suggest U sliced chilli padi or Chilli (Deseed). U can lightly blanched the eggplant with half tsp of sugar (To retrain the colour) instead of baking it. Try shrimp instead of Ground Pork.

Happy cooking

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oops, sorry SIG. :P

Food4tots, I like your version too! :)

Thanks Sharon for your tips! Now I know how to retain the color of eggplant and another recipe to try. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

YUM!! I love the sound of this! Looks absolutely delicious!
Thanks for the recipe
Great site!