Monday, December 01, 2008

Leftover Turkey Porridge

I have a leftover turkey thigh courtesy of Lily. Actually I requested it from her so that I can make some turkey porridge the next day. :P She was really generous and just asked me to take, so I did. :P Thanks Lily as now we have a day of delicious turkey porridge to enjoy. This was the first time I made a turkey porridge using leftover as I never baked a whole turkey before. This porridge turned out to be very good as it also got a thumb up from my hubby and two girls. Evy even requested for lunch box the next day.


4 cups of rice
1 leftover turkey thi
1 can sweet corns, drained
(or frozen corns)
1 bowl of broccoli

1 big carrot, sliced

5 dried scallops, soaked in hot water until soften

Crispy fried shallots

Lots of water (you will have to estimate on that)

Seasoning (to taste):


Chicken stock granules

White and Black peppers
, freshly crushed
Sesame oil


1. In a very big stock pot, add in washed rice, leftover turkey thigh, dried scallops, broccoli, frozen corns (if used) and carrot. Then add in lots of water, from my first picture you should have an idea of how much water to add (also have some hot water handy in case you needed more water half way through cooking). Let it boiled and then turn to low to simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally.

2. If it dried up, add more water and keep on stirring until the rice broken up. Add crispy fried shallots and season to taste with salt, chicken stock granules and white & black peppers. Add in can corns (if used) and keep on stirring until the porridge reaches the desire consistency that you like. Turn off heat and drizzle some sesame oil, stir well before serving.


ICook4Fun said...

I still have the whole carcass in the freezer. I thought of making some stock or 'chook' with it. It will take me a long time to finish this as I will be the only one who eat it.

Anonymous said...

that looks delicious, i could almost taste it from here! give me a steamy hot bowl of porridge anytime!

Unknown said...


you are most welcome. i made turkey congee from the leftover breast bone and added pumpkin in.

Dwiana P said...

I didn't cook turkey for thanksgiving, my in law did. Also heard that leftover turkey is good for soup or porridge.

Jo said...

Looks so yummy, Ching.

Unknown said...

what a great use of leftover turkey! i normally turn my leftover roasted duck into soup...i should try making a porridge next time ^_^

Food Promotions said...

Turkey porridge ..thats very interesting. I used to make turkey sandwich or salad from the leftover...hahaha

Little Corner of Mine said...

That's right Gert. Luckily my hubby ate a lot of "chook", if not I don't know how long it will take us to finish.

Thanks ange.

Oh Lily, it will be very sweet with the added pumpkin. I had pumpkin porridge in M'sia and loved it but very filling.

Dwiana, I also didn't cook a turkey. :P You can get some of the carcass or leftover meat from your in-law next time.

Thanks Jo.

Mmmm, sounds yummy already Rita.

Food Promotion, next time can try some porridge ya? ;) Turkey noodle soup from the leftover also very good.

Retno Prihadana said...

This is one of my comfort dishes, especially in this cold weather :).

Home Cooking said...

absolutely yummy in my tummy :)

Anonymous said...

this looks really wonderful -- like a great comfort meal.

CY said...

My aunty did the same one year, it was the best porridge I've ever had! She used a vegie stuffing for the turkey so she used the whole turkey carcass and the vegie stuffing into the porridge. :P Thanks for bringing such great memories back!

Beachlover said...

what a great choice using turkey leg! I already debone and throw all the bones away,now only let the meat..still wondering ,what to do with it!!..

Noob Cook said...

wah so nice... I feel hungry looking at your porridge although I just had 2 california handrolls for tea break :P

tigerfish said...

The concept is similar to roast chicken leftover and I LOVEEeeee it!

Nilmandra said...

Mmmm... that looks like wonderful comfort food! I'm sure the turkey stock gives it great flavour. I've only used turkey stock for noodle soup, don't know why I never thought of using it for congee.