Saturday, June 28, 2008

Triangle Spring Rolls

Evy has been asking for my seaweed spring roll. Every time she sees my blog and saw the seaweed picture at the title of my blog, she has been asking, "Mommy, I want to eat that, can you make it again?". After numerous requests from her, I finally made her some. Reason being I tried to stay away from deep-fried food if I can, deep-fried food is delicious but can't really eat it too often. This time instead of the wontan wrapper, I used the spring roll wrapper and make it into the triangle shape. I provided a step-by-step pictures guide for those who doesn't know how it was made. Remember to seal it with cornstarch+water mixture (it acts as a glue).

As for my recipe, it's really simple.


Ground pork
Chopped Scallion/green onion

Chopped carrot

White pepper


Chinese cooking wine

Sesame oil

1 nori sheet (for making sushi), cut into squares as shown above

Spring roll wrappers (use as needed)

Cornstarch + water mixture (as glue)


1. Marinate the ground pork, carrot and scallion with the above seasoning for an hour (keep in refrigerator).

2. Cut each spring roll wrapper into three long pieces.
Place one piece on a cutting board. Put a nori sheet on top, place some marinated pork filling on top, add another piece of nori and brush the spring roll all over with the glue. Wrap the spring roll as shown above.

3. Deep-fry the spring roll in medium heat hot oil until golden brown and filling is cooked through. Serve with Thai sweet chili sauce or tomato ketchup.


Sweet Jasmine said...

Yummy snacks....yr spring roll wrapper looks very papery thin, like those for vietnames spring rolls but its difficult to find it here.

Beachlover said...

look good!! your post make me wanna some too like Evy!!hahaha!!.I think with triangel shape they call samosa rite?.

Retno Prihadana said...

I want pick them....yummmm, yours in triangle form look great!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is made so simple by look and reading your recipe! fantastic!

tigerfish said...

Nice change to using spring roll wrappers. I can't find spring roll wrappers here too. That's why I have not been re-doing such deep fried snacks.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these....but would you mind resubmitting to TasteSpotting with the photo cropped to exactly how you want it to appear 250x250? the cropper is cutting your picture off too far over....

Rachel@fairycakeheaven said...

oh gorgeous, nearly like samosas!! Will definitely be trying these

Anonymous said...

Yum! Love this. Deep-fried food is always very hard to resist, ya? :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Really Sweet Jasmine? This brand is Spring Home and is actually manufactured in Singapore.

Beachlover, I thought samosa filling has to have curry powder and potato in it?

Thanks Retno! :)

Thanks BBOven! :)

Tigerfish, funny that they don't have it in HK, perhaps you can sell it there? ;)

Done that TasteSpotting, thanks!

Thanks Rachel. It's triangle like samosa but samosa is not wrap like this, it will be too thick.

Yes blur mommy, very hard to resist!

Dwiana P said...

This looks like samosa. anything frying with eggroll skin I love it!

SIG said...

That looks lovely, C. Love the step-by-step.

ICook4Fun said...

I just love this kind of snack. Now you make me want to make some too :)

CY said...

Never thought to put seaweed into samosas! Sounds like yummy! Thanks for the inspiration!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Dwiana, me too! Looks like samosa but it's not. :)

Thanks D!

G, go make some lah. This was what I made when I saw your spring rolls. :)

You're welcome CY. But this is not samosa. Samosa is Indian snack that contains potatoes, onion, chili and spices. Mine just shape like it but completely Chinese!

ioyces said...

hi LCOM..
the step by step guide looks great!!!
i tried baking the spring roll pastry and they turned out quite crispy too...15 mins at around 180 C..
but it was a different shape...dun think triangles would work as well.. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks ioyces. I haven't tried baking with spring roll wrapper yet. Must be interesting.

Nilmandra said...

Very nice step by step pictorial guide. I should try adding nori in my spring rolls too. I tend to use beaten egg to stick the wrappers.

Kang Boim said... hopping here..from have nice blog :D :D...wanna x-change link with me ???

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Kang Boim,
Thanks for dropping by. I only exchange link on food related English blog only as I don't read Indonesian. Sorry ya!

Annie!!!! said...

Hi little corner of mine,
Just asking, nori is definitely made of seaweed, right?
A friend said she read a "documentary" on that sushi seaweed wrapper is made of seeds and sesame and is ground up and flattened. I Personally think that this is wrong, since i used to own a sushi shop.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Annie, from my understanding nori is made of seaweed.